July 29, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Prado

Spaghetti and other tender mercies

This week was so great! First of all I am so thankful to have Sister Prado as a companion. She is such a great missionary and so inspiring in word and in deed. She always has a good attitude which makes brings my attitude up. She is so diligent, so kind and I really cannot believe only 14 weeks old in the mission!

Sunday was amazing! The Sorioano family came to church and it was such a sacrifice. Sister Lynn and her husband June, Steven, Nora, Harvey and Nora all came! It is no easy task to bring their five-year-old who is so sick, but out of a strong act of faith they did it. Rosette and Christal also came to church on their own accord. And the Americano brother, Jeff, from the ward FHE!

We had a neat lesson with out investigator, Elma. She is the one with the broken house(which is now under construction) For the first time we shared to her without the presence of her mother-in-law and we had a sweet lesson on the Restoration. At the end we extended IBD's and she as well as her two children accepted. Then we I offered a goal date and Sister Elma rejected it. She said she has already changed religions twice and doesn't want to change again. She told us we could still be friends though. She then went on to describe how at the other churches she's attended, she hasn't felt right or good there. But has had a light feeling when we'd taught her. Without knowing it, she testified to feeling the spirit. I felt peace after this lesson rather than discouragement despite the rejected IBD's. I know there is a day in the near future that she will accept this gospel. It's okay if it takes time. God has a plan for Elma and her family.

Clamel and Stephanie were not in attendance at church. Because they were in Pangasinan buying a wedding ring! August 18 is their date. Last Tuesday we had Presiden't Jundo's teach with us. The spirit was so strong, especially at the end when he gave a blessing to Clamel. Clamel's assigned reading was in Moroni 7. He asked to share verses 29-31, about angels declaring repentance and then he likened us to those angels. It made me so happy!

Sister Jensen


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