July 15, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

Musical Devotional

We got to hold a musical devotional about the Book of Mormon and it was so much fun! It really rekindled my love for music. It's so great that we are using something I love, to spread a message that I love to some people that I love!

Kacee and Jarwin came even though Jarwin was essentially coming straight from work. At the end, Jarwin and Kacee went straight for the Book of Mormons we'd set out for people to take. Jarwin grabbed one and said he was gonna give it to his father. I love this couple so much. Their faith is so strong. This week, we invited Sister Seymore to teach Lynn Soreano with us. When we went to her house and discovered she wasn't there, we felt prompted to see Kacee instead. We have been wanting them to meet for a long time because there is a trial that Kacee has faced in the past that Sister Seymore has faced as well. Sister Seymore bore strong testimony to her of God's plan. At the end, she walked over to Kacee and hugged her and they just stood crying together. In David A. Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ" he talks about how people can't really understand the pain we feel unless they feel that same pain. After that, we can help support and lift one another. I know this occurred for Sister Seymore and Kacee. It also just makes the Savior's Atonement all the more amazing. He loves us enough to suffer all of our pains and afflictions, just so he can perfectly empathize.

Lynn Soereano and her mother, Nora Nidoy, also attended the musical devotional. Like Kacee and Jarwin, it really was a sacrifice considering how far they were and that they really don't have the means to pay the travel fair. But they came anyway. I looked out into the crowd and saw Lynn crying as they showed the clip of Jesus Christ from "The Testaments". She said she could imagine bringing her son who has viral meningitis to Christ so he could heal him. She said she imagined feeling the nail marks on Christ's hands. Lynn is so amazing, I cannot emphasize it enough. Lynn told us a story this week of receiving money from the social welfare program of the Philippines and how it somehow got lost. She said at first she was upset but then she felt in her heart that God intended her to lose it in favor of someone finding it who needs it more than her. Amazing. In our lesson yesterday she said she thinks about the Gospel of Jesus Christ consistently and has said in the past that she knows this church is true because of the perfection of it.


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