June 24, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

The church is true

So there's this family we teach named the Soreano's. Nora, the grandma, has been taught since January and was baptized in April. At the end of February her five-year-old grandson Harvey got viral meningitis. The family of Harvey moved to Nora's house to be closer to the hospital, they typically make emergency runs about twice a week. His parents are Lynn and June. We have been teaching Lynn since May and her faith is so, so strong. She recently said she know the church is true because of the perfection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She gave herself a baptismal date. The problem is she can't go to church because of Harvey's condition.

Then a miracle happened!

In the form of Elder and Sister Seymore, the senior couple in our mission! On Wednesday Sister Seymore was supposed to teach KC and Jarwin with us. When we went to their house they said they weren't feeling well and we'd just have to come back. Sister Porter and I felt this was important, like there was somewhere else we were supposed to take Sister Seymore. We said a prayer and both felt prompted to go the Sereano family. Sister Seymore felt an attachment to Harvey, their five-year-old with viral meningitis, right away. She could relate in that her young granddaughter suffers from a similar condition. We taught on faith and discussed Lynn's assigned reading in 3 Nephi 7. Lynn said she cried as she read and imagined bringing Harvey to Jesus so he could heal him like he did the other children.

After we the lesson, Lynn said the closing prayer. She asked God to bless Sister Seymore's granddaughter, that she would get better. That when Sister Seymore goes home next year, she will call her grandmother and walk to her. This was such an example to me of Christ like love, that she focused so much of her prayer on this child she doesn't even know over her own son. Also because of Sister Seymore's presence, Lynn's husband, June, participated in the lesson for the first time ever. He has struggled in his faith for some time but now he is reading the Book of Mormon and praying.

The next day the Seymores informed us that they would be buying a stroller to Harvey so it will be easier for the family to transport there son and more importantly to go to church. Sister Soreano said "All I can say is thank you." It might have been the first time I have ever seen June smile. Nora said this was an answer to a lot of prayers.

I am so thankful of the example of all these amazing people. There is so much good in the world.

Lots of love,
Sister Jensen


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