June 18, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

When it rains it pours

What's that quote from Forest Gump about how one day it started raining then it just never stopped? Well anyway it's like that here.

So I think I am going to petition to put Maricel Arqueza's name as a footnote for Mosiah 18:8. I realized recently that she totally exemplifies what it means to uphold your baptismal covenant. She very obviously has the spirit of Christ with her. She has changed a lot compared to when we first met her and where she is at now as a member of the church. She is so much happier and is always seeking to do good. Because of her example, her younger sister, Bernadeth, has started changing for the better too. She listened to the discussions a few months ago but has since drifted away. On Saturday Maricel said she was reading the Book of Momron and invited Bernadeth to join. Not only did she join but she asked to borrow Maricel's scripture marker! She is also always seeking to serve. For example when she asked one of our other investigators around her same age what she could do to help her overcome her trials. Or when she told us she consistently prays for our investigators. Maricel wasn't the only one that displayed acts of service this week.

Bishop Casugay brought rice and groceries to Nora, one of our recent converts, this week. She confessed to us the next day almost in tears that they were almost completely out and they didn't know what they would do. All of their money is going into paying Harry Arvie's health bills, their five-year-old in a coma.

Another instance of service was how quickly everyone volunteered to help Elma, one of our investigator's who's house literally fell a part. Members, missionaries and investigators a like all want to do their part. We will be holding a service project there on Saturday. I love Elma so much. Back in February we met an older sister, Elizabeth. One day we went to teach her but she wasn't home. Instead we met Elma, her daughter-in-law. We started talking to her in hopes of sharing a pamphlet or message. When we asked about her husband she began crying. Elizabeth explained to us later that her husband was shot while on duty as a guard four years ago. The next time we returned we tried to teach Elma but she wasn't interested. At first I thought "Okay, we just won't focus on her then." then I felt a prompting that we can't give up on her. So every so often we'd talk to her and try to share and she would always turn us away. Then we started running into her around Lingsat, like God was purposeful putting her in our path. This happened again recently on the jeepny, she was taking her daughter to the dentist because of a toothache. I had the idea to buy a yogurt drink so she could have a treat she wouldn't have to chew. We brought the yogurt two weeks ago and they finally invited us in! We shared to Elma, her four kids, Elizabeth and her husband. I felt prompted to share a verse on hope so we went to Moroni 7:40-41. We testified of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal families through him. I testified to her that I know her family can be whole again through Christ and his gospel. I am so excited and grateful to help Elma in any way I can and I am so thankful there are so many others that want to help too.

Lastly, we had a really amazing first lesson with a sister named Sayra. On Tuesday as we were walking to an appointment Sister Porter mentioned that she wanted to start using the Book of Mormon more in finding. Within minutes we met Sayra. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she told us one of her really good friends, Daisy Mendoza, is a member. She invited us to return on Sunday. When taught yesterday. She had so many questions and had actually begun reading the Book of Mormon. We testified that God loves her and has a plan for her. I testified that I know it was in God's plan that we met. She then told us that just days before we found her she was feeling spiritually drained because of a trial she has been going through and earnestly prayed for help. Then we met her. God really does have a plan for all His children.

Sister Jensen


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