June 3, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father Who Loves Us and We Love Him

I love the young women and I miss being one! But that's okay, to compensate we will just teach and work with a lot of them.

On Wednesday, two young women from the ward, Nika and Jonalyn taught a few lessons with us. They were so elated to be missionaries for a day, Jonalyn even talked about the experience in her testimony on Sunday. They expressed that they aren't just considering serving, they know they will. Their tender spirits brought me so much joy and I can't wait for the miracles they will perform as they become full time missionaries in two years. We also hope to work with them again, especially because we are now teaching several 17/18-years-olds they could absolutely fellowship.

We started teaching Crystal on Tuesday. We found her through Rosemary, a recent convert. She was very quiet and we could tell something was wrong. We still are not certain of what trial she is facing but we did what we could to assure her there is hope for happiness. After just two lessons, she came to church! She stayed for all three hours and was elated the whole time! Maricel Arqueza, who was baptized with two weeks ago, was doing a great job fellowshipping her. She tried to set an appointment for us to go and teach her again and told Crystal she really should get baptized.

MARICEL IS SO AWESOME. On Thursday we went to her house and said, "Are you busy for the next six hours?" and then she totally taught with us the rest of the day. She also joined last Sunday and yesterday for proselyting. She told us that she had a dream recently she would serve a mission and now she intends to live it out. Her testimony is so strong and I am so happy every time she shares it with those we teach. She told me that when things aren't going well she just reviews the lessons we taught her and things improve

Then there is Grace. We had a really beautiful lesson on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know she has been having problems with her earthly parents so I saw it really important to testify to her that despite what happens with her parents on Earth, I know she has a Heavenly Father with perfect, unconditional love for her. As I testified of this, I literally felt God's love for her in my heart. I am so happy to testify of this simple truth to her but so sad that this feeling of love and worth is new for Grace.

Till next week!
Sister Jensen


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