May 7, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon


So yeah 9 months down, 9 months to go

Clamel is super amazing. I have met few people that love reading the Book of Mormon as much as he does. We invited him to start from the beginning and not only did he read until chapter 4 but he likened the story it to his own life. When we asked if we could give him another assignment he said "Yes, this is what I look forward to the most!". His family also came back to church which made me the happiest sister on earth.

Loreta is super amazing. When we asked her if she would keep the Word of Wisdom she responded "with all my heart". I love her so much! I feel like she is family. In relief society we were talking about ways to receive answers from God and she raised her hand and was like "Can I just talk about how awesome missionaries are, specifically Sister Jensen and Sister Tanon?"And how missionaries help bring understanding and answers. I feel like I will be close with her for the rest of my life into the next life.

The ward is super amazing. They picked our investigator, Maricel, for an institute activity and are working to help her feel loved and welcome. Two members in the ward brought a bunch of food to Nora's family, one of our recent converts. And they are way excited to teach with us! These wonderful members add to my testimony of this being the true church.

Lastly a story of me doing embarrassing things:

We were eating at a member's house last night with President and his family. One of his sons was trying to convince me unripe mangoes are better than ripe mangoes. Then I go "Aren't unripe mangoes only good with vinegar?" Then President and his wife like died laughing. So the ward for vinegar is "suka" the word for throw up is "suka". Depends on the annunciation. So there' s like a 65% chance I said unripe mangoes only go good with vomit.

That's all folks!
Sister Jensen


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