April 2, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon


This week was beyond amazing! I am so happy. The Lord is so good to me!

First Boyette. He is an investigator that we met because we gave him a Book of Mormon while he was sitting outside his house. He has been reading, is now in Alma and has gone to church three times! We finally started teaching him last week and he is so humble and so receptive. He showed us his notes and he managed to find the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ just from reading the Book of Mormon! He has a hard time hearing and before, people would often tease and mock him. But he said ever since he started reading the Book of Mormon, people have stopped teasing him. It can be pretty funny yell teaching though. When we were telling him to story of Joseph Smith and was like "Oh when an angel appeared to him in his room" referring to the revelation of the Book of Mormon. We were like this was actually before that. We asked him to read out of the pamphlet and when he read Joseph Smith's name he got so excited he kind of jumped out of his chair and did the sign of the cross. We told him Joseph Smith was confused about which church to join. Boyette was like, he should join the Mormon church, that's the true church. We explained that the church wasn't yet restored but would be through him. At the end of the lessons he said "you like orange, right?" and we were like "yes?" then and left the room and came back with TWO HUGE BOTTLES OF ROYAL ORANGE SODA!

Then there is the Gallego family. The fit I feel with this family is one that makes me feel as though they are part of the reason I am in Lingsat, same with the Vergara family. We taught Brother Gallego the Word of Wisdom and he expressed that this is going to be a difficult thing for him to follow. But he is ready and willing to follow! He and his family have now been to church three times. Every time we laugh and have a great time and teach and one of their maid brings out two super huge pieces of cake. I don't know why but they just always have an endless supply of cake at their house.

The Vergara family is so, so amazing. Sister Vergara is so ready for this message. Every lesson the spirit is so strong. She expressed that she has been praying for a change, for improvement in her life the the lives of her family and she feels as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what she has been searching for. In relief society the way she participates makes it seem as though she is already a member. When she gave the closing prayer yesterday, she just sat on the ground smiling to herself as everyone was getting up, just soaking in the Spirit. Joy Casugay's asawa came to church for the first time in a very long time! Joy was so elated to be there as a family.


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