March 11, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

My life is good

This week during companionship inventory, I started breaking down over my inadequacies in regards to exact obedience. I felt frustrated that I had been promised miracles if I had striven to be exactly obedient and felt at that moment there were none.
Then the miracles came.

1. Sister Tanon reminded me of something I had forgotten: It's all about loving the people. I have been so focused lately on learning Tagalog fluently, keeping to an exact schedule, following every rule etc. that I forgot over these past few weeks to love. I forgot the way that I loved in my last area. I made the choice that day to focus on my love and God's love for the people and the difference in made in the work came immediately!

2. Anthony, Jonalyn and Malacio Mazon as well as Lolita Dharlyne, Wilma and Joy from my first area all got baptized recently or are about to

3. One of our investigators George, got baptized on Friday and we are now working toward getting him and his family sealed in the temple.

4. Maricel and Bernadeth came to church on their own. Maricel has been reading and marking her Book of Mormon. When we were teaching them last week we asked them to describe how they'd felt at that moment and Maricel described that at that moment it was as though a light had gone off for her.

5. A sister came to church who has already start the Book of Mormon and wants to be taught

6. We had FHE at the Abot's home and many ward members came and attended as well to support them and try to influence them to go back to church. The love and support in this ward is amazing!

This week was so so good. Back when things weren't so so good Sister Tanon reminded me that some or perhaps many of the miracles we are promised for our obedience now may not come till after the mission. This concept is just like life as well. As we are obedient to God's commandments we will be blessed now, maybe in ways are don't necessarily see. But overall, the greatest blessings to be received from our obedience are the ones that are prepared for us in Heaven.


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