March 4, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

I had a realization with one of our investigators, Joy. I always had a hard time teaching her and understanding Tagalog in her home. Then I recognized that the atmosphere was less than ideal. Often there was screaming children or she would stop the lesson to gossip to us about her family. Recently these two things have been minimized and the spirit has been way strong and Tagalog has been way easier there. It made me more appreciate the importance of the Holy Ghost and how fragile it really us. I recognize this looking back on my first area two. Recently three of the individuals I had been teaching got baptized. I am just barely starting to feel confident in my Tagalog so how on earth did they ever really come to know the church is true if we weren't even speaking the same language. It was the Spirit( and my magaling mga kasama din, siempre). It all comes down to the Holy Ghost. Before the mission I was slightly obsessed with trying to prove the church was true through logic. I have since come to understand that the language of Heaven is the Holy Ghost so of course we can't come to know it is true through mortal mechanism whether it be in English, Tagalog, French, Spanish or any other man made language. It's all about the Spirit.

But speaking of the language, I really do feel comfortable now, much improvement is to be made but I can actually talk to people! I know it's because I finally really decided to give God my all, something I had been neglecting to do in regards to the language in my first area. Also because of your prayers too! Salamat!

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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