February 5, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Tanon

Reporting From Lingsat

Hello everyone!

I have been informed that all of our Bauang investigators went to church again! Also I have a great story to share about the Mazons. On Monday when we went to say goodbye I shared one of my favorite verses. At the end we did the usual asked if anyone had any questions or additions. Then Anthony said he did and asked if we could all flip to Moroni 7:12-13, verses I was literally considering sharing. Then he pulled a "missionary" on me and asked me to read the verse. After that he shared 2 Nephi 31:20 as well and then bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon. Missions are awesome!!!!!

I am in a new area and it's great. There are a lot of reasons I am here: to finish the transfer Sister Tanon and I started before, to strengthen our investigators through the Holy Ghost, to be closer to Mcdonalds ice cream. But the reason I am most excited for is that I got put into the choir core group to sing for Elder Ronald A. Rasband when he comes and speaks to the missionaries of the Philippines Baguio mission on February 17!!!! I am so excited! We are doing one my favorite hymns too, Abide With Me.

Our new house is awesome. It has a washing machine, oven and microwave and it's so big! It's to accomodate new missionaries coming in, missionaries leaving and that kind of thing. It is so fun when we have visitors!

The thing about missions is they are full of realizations, all the time. I keep realzing things that at this point seem so simple and I am amazed that I hadn't understood it before. But I think the gospel is like running. You can't expect yourself to run a marathon if you ahve never jogged a mile. The things I am understanding now I couldn't have fully comprehended a year ago. I read the Book of Mormon and say, "has this verse always been here?" I love that about this church. I think God designed it with the intention of allowing us to recive persinal enlightenment throughout our lives, as long as we countinuously seek for it through earnest prayer, scripture study, church attendence and obedience to His commandments.

I have pictures but no card reader so till next week!

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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