January 28, 2018


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Reverente


I literally do not know where to begin:

We had 9 investigators come to church. All on their own. During gospel essentials class I at one point got up and shared an experience/bore my testimony and seeing all their faces staring back at me was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever beheld. My heart is so full just writing about it.

I also had my first baptism. Sort of. She was my investigator before the are got split so technically it wasn't mine? One of our other investigators, Dharlyne, attended and said she felt so good there!

Our branch president and his wife went to Wilma's house and taught with us so now they have an understanding of her situation which is so good because they can give her the help I can't. She's the one who is sick and is having a hard time feeding her family.

Anthony( the one that is now in Mosiah for the second time) said he believes the Book of Mormon is true and that baptism is important but doesn't want to pray and ask God if the church is true. Sister Reverente and I asked him, Jonalyn(10), Malacio(16) and Aurara(18) to pray to know and they kept giving us "maybe, probably" answers. I testified once again of the truthfulness of this gospel and felt prompted to ask again if they would pray. I did and they all said yes!

We had a district FHE and Anthony and Wilma's family attended. The second most beautiful sight I have ever seen was Jonalyn Mazon and Joy, Wilma's daughter, befriending each other.

Aaaaaaaand last of all I'M TRANSFERRING. To the town right next door, Lingsat, San Fernando. The mission home is in my area so I will be seeing President Bangal a ton. I am kind of scared of him because I feel disobedient just breathing. But on the bright side, Sister Tanon, the one that was my comp for 3 days will be my comp again and I love her! And there's a McDonalds in our area. And Elder Rasband is coming in February and it is uncertain if the whole mission will see him but now I for sure will!

I am so so grateful for the time I have spent in this area. The church is so true. I really honestly cannot speak Tagalog and yet we have multiple people that have felt a confirmation that is church is true and plan to enter the waters of baptism next month. The spirit is real. This is Christ's church. I am so thankful to my family and friends for the influence they gave to me through their testimonies so that I could develop my own and share it with the wonderful people of the Philippines.

Mahal na mahalkita,
Sister Jensen


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