January 21, 2018


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Reverente

Maganda Umaga!

This week while eating shrimp at a members house, shrimp that we had to rip the head and limbs off of before consuming, a mosquito landed on my hand and I didn't notice at first. By the time I smacked it it resulted in blood getting everywhere. Shortly after I ate cheese flavored ice cream and I liked it. I think my favorite band Tame Impala put it best when I say "Yes, I'm changing". But not just regards to doing crazy things and trying crazy things that I wouldn't have before, but in all aspects of myself. I am so thankful for the gift of humility. It goes hand and hand with change. If you don't allow God to change you through humility, there is no progression. I am often told ways I could be speaking the language better or doing missionary work better and it's awesome! I am so thankful for the help of others and the help of Jesus Christ as I continue on this path.

Anyway our investigators continue to be a great. This week two other members of the Mazon family came to church( Jonalyn and Malcio) as did Wilma and Joy! All on their own. It made me so happy! After Sacrament the Mazons left so we said goodbye. But it turns out they were just leaving to get a snack and they totally came back for second hour!

They are all so kind and amazing. I told Wilma I liked her earrings and she proceeded to take them out of her ears and attempt to put them in mine! I was like no, it's okay I don't really wear earrings, and she kept them. Then Lolita totally made is dinner! We don't get fed too often so when we do I find it really touching.

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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