January 14, 2018


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Reverente

So many good things!!

Thank you so much for your prayers. They worked. We had six investigators come to church. The most that have come my whole mission. And we only picked up one of them! The rest came on their own accord! Some walked long distances or paid a lot of money to be there and I am beyond proud of them and beyond grateful for their faith. Anthony, Wilma, Joy, Lolita, Dharlyne and Romelyn were all there. Not only that but two less active members we've been talking to also came. The feeling of joy in my heart was immeasurable.

Let's talk about Dharlyne. This was her second time coming to church and her first time coming by herself, well she and her three-year-old. She hadn't come before last week because she didn't own a dress. We provided her with some clothes and she came for the first time last Sunday. Dharyline is 25 and has investigated the church before, in 2012. She didn't believe the message at that time. She then decided that she would beleive if missionaries came and visited her again. They didn't. Not for another five years when Sister Ellsworth and I found her within the first five minutes of tracting in that area for the first time in a long time. Her faith and knowledge of the gospel is so so strong. She understands it so well. She even agreed to follow the Word of Wisdom last Saturday despite a love for coffee and then proceeded to travel from her humble home by the beach all the way to the church carrying her child along the way. I am so privileged to have been led to her by God's hand. She is so prepared.

Other than the best Sunday in the history of Sundays, lots of other crazy things happened this week. Our area is now split into two again. I have my old area and Sister Bohol and her new companion have the other area, the Elders old area that we had previously inherited at the beginning of this transfer. Sister Reverente is now my companion and she is fantastic! We connect so well in teaching, studying and all the other being together 24/7 stuff. This is also my first time having roommates on the mission. We switched houses with the elders to accommodate the extra people. Pros: it's close to the church, roommates are fun, lots of free cats surrounding the house. Cons: one shower room( bucket room) and many, many cockroaches and ants. But we have fun.

Sister Jensen


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