January 7, 2018


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Buhol

1 Area 6 Companions

Sooo yeah, I am getting a new companion. Again. We recently inherited the elders area but now they want to split it back up so two new sisters are coming in and one of them will be my companion. This transfer sure has been crazy but it is definitely way cool to get to learn from so many amazing young women how to be a better missionary!

Anthony finished the Book of Mormon and believes it's true. In fact, he is re-reading it. Already in 1 Nephi 10. He has so much faith and pinky swore he would come to church. He had a shirt picked out (a blue polo) and everything.

Then he didn't come.

I was so devastated. I decided to go up and bear my testimony, it being fast Sunday and all and that really helped make me feel better. So pro tip: if you are feeling sad just bear your testimony. It's a great way to fill yourself with the spirit, gratitude and joy. But get this. We visited Anthony later and it turns out he absolutely came. Unfortunately we waited at the gate till 8:35 and he arrived at 8:40. Then continued to wait for over an hour! An hour!! Anthony is way shy and felt it best not to go in without us so he waited across the street, not knowing we'd be in sacrament meeting that whole time. Now I know what your're "Why didn't you just pick him up?" we had to pick up two other investigators and thought it would work out to just meet him at the gate. That was awesome though, Dharline, Romelyn and Lolita all went to church! Now I'm sure your next thought is "wow my heart is so sad for you, I was really hoping Anthony would go to church, his testimony of Christ is so strong and this church will totally bless his life and he was so close to actually going!" More or less that, at least that's what I thought. Then I realized that what happened was almost a blessing in disguise. The fact that he waited showed he really did have faith in this gospel and recognized the importance of going to church. Also we are going to pick him up next week so that shouldn't be a problem again. And I told him when we teach tomorrow if he wants to make us wait outside his house for an hour as payback we totally deserve it.
That's all for this week!

Much love,
Sister Jensen


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