December 31, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Buhol

Happy New Year!

Christmas was awesome! Christmas packages were awesome. FHE was awesome. Christmas/p-day nap was awesome. In case you were wondering; people celebrate with a lot of spaghetti and a lot of.

We went on a church tour with the Mazzon family! But when we got in there the ceiling started making a bunch of weird sounds. I think there was a rat up there but it also sounded ghost-y and that scared Jonalyn( she's 11(also she's my favorite ever)) Not the best start. We ended with the chapel and taught about keeping the Sabbath say holy so that was good. Then after we left I saw our Elder's Quorum president was outside playing basketball so I introduced him to Anthony. As we left Anthony turned to Sister Bohol and started voicing his concerns about our Elder's Quorum President. He said he saw him murmuring and saying some not good hings to other players and didn't understand why he would behave in such a way, being a president in our church. Also not the best Sooo yeah, they didn't attend church the next day. Lolita and Aj-lien, someother investigators, attended, though! Now that was the best.

New Years Eve was good! We found a less active man and while we taught him, his neighbor was blasting The Beatles. And our branch president gave us pizza!

Best of all this week, I listened to the talk on grace by Brad Wilcox for the first time since I was 15 and it finally makes sense. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. Not only did he atone for all of us, releasing each person from spiritual and physical death, but he also provided a way for joy and peace in this life and the next in the form of his teachings and example. He is perfect and so his his gospel.

Sister Jensen


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