December 3, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Ellsworth

Caution: This email may cause feelings of great joy. Read at own discretion

Here I was, thinking "Wow, I 'm going to do so much service for the people while I am here." Well the joke was on me because it turns out it has been the other way around. I'm on the receiving end of the charity of others every single day. Even if they aren't interested in the church at this time, they're still so so kind. There was that time we found a lady who works at the market and when we saw her there she gave us free tomatoes. Or while walking to our area a member saw us, stopped the tricycle he was in, and paid the driver to take us the rest of the way. Or when Wilma gave Sister Zander and I handmade bracelets. The list goes on and on. But one of the greatest experiences occurred for us last night with the Mazon family( group of teens, Anthony has been reading the Book of Mormon way fast and has 1 Nephi 3:7 almost memorized). They were so welcoming and excited when we arrived. They showered Sister Ellsworth in letters because she goes home next week. Then we taught. After the lesson they said we have a surprise for you. Next thing we knew they were bringing our trays of food. This group of 11-19 year old prepared an entire meal for us. "We just wanted to say thank you". What? Come again? Excuse me? We were the ones who wanted to thank them! Thank them for always welcoming us back. Thank them for actually reading the Book of Mormon. Thank them for being receptive and participating while we teach. Thank them for the loving atmosphere in their home. Thank them for allowing me to feel the purest joy I am ever felt. Then they went on to invite me over for Christmas Eve. I expressed how grateful I was, considering my family is over 7,000 miles away. They said "here in the Philippines we are your family, Sister Jensen-Mazon".

On Thursday we walked past a member's house and she invited us to join her for lunch. I've come to realize that Filipino food is awesome so I naturally began putting everything on my plate. The sister recommended this black brownish substance that I was unfamiliar with so I was like well might as well take three scoops. Turns out my companion had taken zero. I had my first bite and thought " Well that's not good at all". So I downed it as fast as possible. After we left Sister Ellsworth asked if I knew what that was. I said no. She said pork's blood. So anyway, I had pork's blood this week. But still the worst thing I have had yet here was a banana that was way too ripe.


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