November 26, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Ellsworth

Book of Mormon Stories

Hey all!

So the Book of Mormon is an amazing testament to not only this being the true church but a further testament to our Savior, Jesus Christ. There were three investigators of ours that had some way cool experiences with is this week:

Wilma had a ton of amazing insights to share with us in general. She said that this gospel is satisfying a hunger for her she has been seeking to satisfy her whole life. She said she's so grateful she found it now because her trials were becoming so great, she almost couldn't bare it any longer. Lastly, in regards to the Book of Mormon Wilma said that every time she reads it, no matter what is going on around her, she feels relief and peace.

We have a new investigator named Darline. She's awesome! We found her while going house to house by the beach. Two lessons ago we gave her the Book of Mormon and asked her to read the introduction page. When we came back the next lesson she had not only read the intro, but marked it up and continued read past the testimonies of the witnesses! I promised to bring her actual scripture markers the next time we come and she seemed way excited.

Anthony. Mazon. This guy is amazing. He is 19 and loves the Bible, reads it all the time and carries around a pocket sized New Testament. If you recall we found him and few weeks ago and have been teaching him and his and cousins and siblings every Sunday but he is the one that has been progressing the most. Though he had read a little bit of the Book of Mormon, he hadn't actually started as of a week ago. Yesterday when we visited we asked, as we always do, "So how is your reading going?" Then he casually goes "I'm in Jacob 5". We were like wait what?! In the span of a week Anthony had read almost three books of the Book of Mormon. In Tagalog. For every page of English text there are about two in Tagalog. He even had questions and insights about what he'd read! He thinks he'll have it done by mid December. I wouldn't doubt it.

This book truly does contain the word of God. There is power in reading it.

Mini Stories:

-On Monday we made chicken adobo with Wilma. We ate this and mussels that they'd gotten out of the ocean that morning for dinner. Also while I ate, a kitten the size of my hand jumped up and chilled on my lap.

-On Wednesday right after we'd picked up our laundry, we ran to 7-11 to pay our water bill (everything happens at 7-11 here). Then we went home. Then we realized we left our laundry there and had to run all the way back. Surprisingly enough, no one stole our sweat stained, worn out clothes.

-On Friday after a lesson Sister Ellsworth turned to me and said "We should probably work on getting some TC-"(Side note, TC stands for testifying of Christ aka opening your mouth aka finding) when before she could finish her sentence two men pulled up on a motorcycle by us to compliment our noses. Then we testified to them.


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