November 6, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Zander

This is not a drill

Sister Zander is transferring! I will now be leading the area! As scared as that makes me I have faith that my mission president knows what's best and things will work out! I am so thankful do the time I had with Sister Zander. She taught me so much about how to teach, love the people, have a good attitude, be calm and so much more. She was literally the best first companion I could have asked for.

Wilma Balatero and her three children came to church on Sunday! The love I feel for this family is unreal. Wilma was one of the first people we taught when we got into the area. She has so much faith and is so excited about the church, unfortunately has a sickness that often holds her back from progression, specifically in the form of attending church. My love for this family has been growing and growing but we recognized that if they couldn't attend church yet again we would have to start spending a lot less time with them. We decided to try and pick them up on Sunday and to our surprise they were more than happy and able to come with us. We even had a minor miracle in that a member who was a just about to leave was able to give us a ride, other wise we would have had to walk till we found a trike and who knows how long it would have taken. I am so thankful to be involved in the process of this family coming closer to Jesus Christ.

Sister Jensen


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