October 1, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Zander

The Philippines is as hot as it is beautiful

So that's pretty hot.

I'm here! Officially on a mission. But I haven't written in a few weeks so let's back up a bit.

The flight here was as fun as you would expect 30 hours of straight travel to be. We stayed in the Manila MTC for a few days but I don't remember much. Mostly just jet lag. Oh and they have an ice cream machine. That was a good time.

Then we were off (again). This time it was around 9 hours of travel to the Baguio mission home. President Bangal is fantastic! He loves music, being happy and the gospel. I am also a fan.

My new companion, Sister Zander is wonderful. She is a professional at being a missionary and is so patient despite the fact that I don't know how to do like anything.

The area we are in is called Bauang. Right now we are teaching a sister named Wilma. She has so much faith. You can feel the spirit just looking in her eyes. Unfortunately she is very sick. This has been preventing her from attending church because the only time the doctor can see her is Sunday from 7:00-2:00. We also taught a family with a mom, dad and kids and everything! They were so attentive, asked lots of questions and promised to attend church next week!

During personal study I was reading in 1 John 4:7-9. It's all about the love of God. This ended up being a theme for the next few days. It also was discussed in the General Women's Session. Then at church during sacrament I bore my testimony but prefaced it with saying my Tagalog is very limited and not the best. A sister got up after me and promised that if I seek to love the people, the language will come. It's amazing how love has the power to influence something like learning a language. Love and charity are so important. As we seek to love God and Christ, we will better love those around us and ourselves.

My favorite language mistake of the week was when I may or may not have said this life can be very masirap(delicious) rather than mahirap(difficult).

Lots of love,
Sister Jensen


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