September 20, 2017




Sister Mohammad

Philippines Bound

So every Sunday we are all expected to write a talk on a specific topic from Preach My Gospel and then one elder and one sister is called on to speak at random during sacrament meeting. I mean, I'm no math expert, but with around 80 elders and on average between 7 to 9 sisters, I assumed the odds of me getting picked were pretty high. Every Saturday I wrote a word for word talk and then proceeded to not get called on every time. Until last Sunday! I was finally called up. I spoke on enduring to the end. I actually used the quote about Christ I shared in last week's email. "When we have faith in Christ, the hardest and the easiest times can be a blessing." To me that's what enduring to the end is. Going through life, whether it be hard or easy, whether it be good or bad, alongside Jesus Christ.

This week we taught our investigator, Miguel (other know as our teacher, Brother Cutler). We actually spoke to him about enduring to the end. It always blows my mind how each week or couple of days has a theme that some how connects within my personal/companion study, district study, devotionals, and class in a way. After the lesson we went back to class and had language coaching. I asked Brother Cutler if he could look over some sentences I had written. After looking them over he proceeded to tell me that I had used words in the lesson we hadn't even learned let. Not only that, I had conjugated a word in ways we had never even discussed and I was correct when I did it. I felt the spirit when he told me this. The gift of tongues is so, so real.

For our devotional yesterday we were blessed to have Elder Quentin L. Cook speak to us. By the end of my MTC experience, 1/3 of the speakers have been apostles. I am so lucky to be here right now. I loved so much what he had to say especially in regards to the Savior. I love Jesus Christ so much and I know with surety that he loves me. He loves all. I am nervous to be departing today but I am so excited to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of the Philippines. This is a gift that has to be shared.

One funny story:

The fire alarm went off at like 9:45 pm two nights ago in the women's residence. I turned to my companions and said casually, "That's a fire alarm, right?" and they were said "ya" and started leaving the room. So I was like "cool". Grabbed my hoodie, flip flops and was like what else is super precious and shouldn't burn in a fire? My journal full of irreplaceable thoughts and stories? My scriptures that are getting increasingly more marked up and written upon? Naw, I'll grab the MTC loaned ipad that I hardly. Then my companions ran back in and were like "come on!" and saw me walking toward the door with the ipad. They still continue to make fun of me.

I love and appreciate you all so much!
Sister Jensen


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