September 22, 2017


Philippines MTC


Reporting from Los Pilipinas!

I made it! I feel like I'm in a dream and time has no meaning but I am well! My next email day is Wednesday. The flight was way long and I talked to the lady I was sitting next to about the gospel and offered her a pass along card to look up the website. She didn't take it but asked if she could take a picture of it! The Manila MTC is way nice but my body thinks it's 3:00 am and I just want to sleep. I love yah and will talk more on Wednesday!

Also one of my luggage's got left in Los Angeles. Thankfully I split clothes and toiletries 50/50 between the two bags.

I am very tired and have been wearing the same dress, shoes, underwear for the past 30+ hours. Not to mention I haven't brushed my teeth since who knows when. Hong Kong was cool. It was weird to think that I was chilling in China. It's also weird to think I am currently chilling across the Pacific ocean in the Philippines. I can't stress enough how thankful I am to have the support of my companions. What's happening right now is huge and I am happy to be here with so many people I have been growing with for the past 7 weeks. The humidity is real. A guy said I look like Celine Dion(??) This MTC is really nice, some buildings are only weeks old ( I believe). I ate fish like a champ at dinner. We are talking an entire fish with a head. Well I hate a few bites I mean. Oh man I just want to sleep. And shower.


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