January 3, 2017


Coral Springs, Florida


Trisney Osborne

New Year

Kelly is still on the be baptized on Saturday!!! She came to church and we asked her what time she wanted the baptism and she said, "Oh! I hope it can
be at 1pm because that's what I have been telling all of my friends!" So hopefully tons of nonmembers show up. Her son still hasn't came home yet to
live with her because he is at his dad's for Christmas break and the break
here didn't start until 2 days before Christmas. hhahahaha Glad you guys
liked the giggle! Totally did not mean to do that even.
Super glad Kadyn came to visit! yeah he doesn't look at anybodies group emails... that's okay.. I didn't much either! It's more fun to email individually when you aren't on a mission. hey I taught RS too! On the spot!!!! I got at least 1/4 of the women crying... It was all about being converted more and more to the gospel and
at the end, I left 20 minutes to allow everyone to get up and share their conversion stories. Pretty cool just because so many people here are converts! Peterson's dad is most likely dying today... He has had cancer... and he "passed out" apparently and they had to shock him twice at the hospital to get him to wake back up last night. So yeah, really sad... Peterson hasn't
been able to come to church the past 3 weeks because of baby sitting his dad. Pray super hard for him!


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