January 9, 2017


Coral Springs, Florida


Trisney Osborne

How was the baptism?

yes I got your letter! Thanks! I am sending one back this week!
Let's see... not much to report on this side either... I explained kelly in
dad's email haha. Weird right???? Peterson's dad died two days ago... he
cried tons and it was so sad. his dad was only 47. His whole family came
to visit and we gave a few of them a chapel tour to allow them to see
whether they'd want to (hopefully) have to funeral at our chapel. They
said yes so now our ward gets to help them out and we are going to invite
some of the Haitian members from the Creole speaking ward.
It went from 82 degrees one day and then the next day it was 61! How does
the weather here do that?!??!?!?! I am freezing and literally don't have a
nice jacket and don't know where to get one haha! But I will figure it
Mark Harding sent me a weird email today.... here I will copy and paste it
here... I don't know what to say back??? What do I say back?? And should
I really consider this??? I already did didn't I??? I am doing what's
best for me aren't I hahaha???
I saw your mom the other day and asked about you. Emily I just want you to
know how much I respect you for living your life the way you have, always
working hard at whatever your involved with, and being a great example to
others. You have always excepted trials and difficulties in your life
making the most out of them and learning from them.
Emily not sure if you want it or not but I want to give you some advice.
Your Heavenly Father knows you and knows the type of person you are. I
know you are struggling, not sure if you should continue or not. Please
don't worry about the need to finish your mission or not. The question is
do you know when your Heavenly Father wants you to finished? He is the one
that will help you know when it is time to come home. So continue to pray
and ask him being specific on what your feelings are.
Emily you will know what you should do. Most important Emily is that you
should have know regrets if you decide to come home. You will know in your
heart when it was time. So I guess what I'm trying to say is whatever
decision you make is between you and the Lord and be happy with it and move
Now to brag on you a little bit. You have always accepted any trial or
difficulty, never thinking about yourself, but pushing forward through it.
Sometimes we are so worried about not quitting and not finishing something
that we forget whats really the best thing for us. Please don't let your
strong will stop you from making the right choice. Again I'm not telling
you to come home. I am telling you to seek advice from your Heavenly
Father, your mission president, and those who love and care about you.
Listen to them, listen to the spirit, and look and decide the best option
for you. But again whatever you decide "BE HAPPY WITH YOUR DECISION".
Emily we love you for who you are. We know your a hard worker and will
always be a hard worker. We support you in whatever decision you decide is
the best for YOU and HEAVENLY FATHER. Please let me know if I can help in
anyway. Your in our prayers. I truly hope you start feeling better and
things start to become clear for you.


The Mark Harding Family

Wait now I can't get it out of this font... this is Sister Mills now... I
hate computers! But yes please send both pictures from members and
investigators! That'd be awesome! Holy flip!!!!!! 63 full time
missionaries!???!! So cool!!!!!!


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