January 9, 2017


Coral Springs, Florida


Trisney Osborne

Lessons and Trials

Hey there! Not much to say this week. Our investigator, Kelly, doesn't want to commit anymore so we haven't had a baptism like we had planned. These past two weeks we have taught soooooo many lessons, but none of the many people we have taught are quite ready yet to receive the gospel. Super sad but we have planted some major seeds that will be harvested later.
We have had many trials with investigators or finding golden investigators, but with how hard we have been working, it isn't the time for us to see the
success we want yet. God obviously wants to give us success but sometimes he needs us to be struggling for a little bit first. We have to learn
ourselves too! Through all of my trials here on my mission, I have been personally taught a great deal about why us missionaries are called. Heavenly Father is so powerful. He could make absolutely anything happen.
He doesn't need us missionaries at all and could just do it all himself. Holy cow he must love us all so much. To allow us to do the work for him??? To allow us to see these trials we wouldn't be able to see any
other way?? To allow us to be converted ourselves??? Us missionaries are here to help others come unto to Christ, but really if Christ and Heavenly Father wanted to do all the work themselves, we would. I am so thankful
that I am here and able to be converted as much as I am helping others be converted. I am so grateful to have had ALL the trials that I have had while being here and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't imagine myself doing anything else at this time. Love you all so much! Keep moving forward and keep moving towards Christ
every single day. He doesn't give us these trials to suffer. He gives them to us to learn and to progress!


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