September 26, 2017


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Sherlyn Louissaint

Hurricane and Service

We are doing service and sleeping in tents again this weekend and having to
sacrifice general conference. Most likely will be going back to the same
island in the Keys. But yes we are doing normal missionary work monday
through friday. When we can, we do service, but it's already cleaned up
basically where we live! Cleaning the Keys up fully is going to take a
year unless the members come and help constantly like we have been. It's
crazy how huge their garbage pile is right in the middle of an island. No
idea where they are going to put it... but it's huge and they only made
that from one island and there are multiple more islands! It's been really
really hard to keep track of all of our investigators throughout this
craziness... hopefully they all will understand. I know that if they are
all truly prepared, they will be okay with not meeting with us as much and
doing more study time on their own. Everyone's baptismal dates will have
to be pushed back because everyone that would take care of the baptisms are
doing service on the weekends too. But hey! We will get a lot more
baptisms and new converts from all of our efforts after cleaning up where
it needs help! It's crazy how humbled people are about the church.
EVERYONE in the Keys knows about how kind us mormons are now when they
definitely didn't before. Funny how the hurricane came right before the
October Fest comes.... (october fest is all month and people come all over
the world just to party the whole time. Very explicit the whole time in
Key West and no kids are allowed to be anywhere near it unless you want
them walking around drunk or naked people.) Super sad... The missionaries
get taken out of the keys when October comes, but hopefully, because of all
of the service and humbling experiences, they'll at least be safe to
proselyte in most of the islands.

I can't believe that this week I am starting my last transfer. Transfer
calls were last night and sister Louissaint is getting transferred to
Hialeah and sister Murdock is coming to serve with me in this area. She
was my dream last companion and missionaries don't usually get their dream
last companion!!!!! AHHHH I am so pumped for this transfer to be
great!!!! I am starting My Plan this week.... This transfer is going to
go by so fast which is both good and bad. I'm going to miss the mission so
so much. But I too am pretty excited to see my family haha. I'm also so
excited to use everything that I have learned out here on the mission.
Still have A LOT to learn, but I hope you will be able to see such a huge
change in me. I see it so I hope other people will haha.
Glad you were able to help Grandma and be there for her birthday!!

Any updates on Uncle Robert??

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 2:02 AM, Byron Mills wrote:

To my dear dear dear dear sweet sweet sweet sister Mills:
Wow it was fun to see all those pictures and your little video over the
weekend. The destruction was incredible, But hey you were able to sleep on
a beach in the Florida Keys. I bet no missionaries before you can say that
before you. Specially since beaches are off limits. I bet you have a whole
lot of stories to share when you get home. I know it’s been really hard
work, but I bet it’s been rewarding and you have met some great people. I’m
looking forward to hearing those stories from you. I do have a quick
question if you have time to answer it. So it appears you’re doing work in
service on the weekends, are you doing normal missionary work Monday
through Friday? Where are you doing the same type of service but closer to
home? Have you been able to keep teaching those investigators that were so
close to baptism? Have they been able to attend church these past couple
weeks? I guess those are a few questions.
Mom and I went to California this weekend. Went down for three reasons.
First, Alan Cook got married and I was invited to the wedding.
Unfortunately, he has Become in active and did not get married in the
temple. In fact you got married in his plane hangar. He came riding in on a
Harley Davidson, wearing a leather jacket, and smoking a cigar. It was a
little lacked then he changed His coats and put out a cigar and got ready
to get married. Shouldn’t have the same feeling I was in a ternal marriage
in the temple.
Second, it was grandma Jenson’s birthday. Jill and Troy came over and Kim
and I took grandma and grandpa and them two out to dinner. Your grandma was
very happy to see your mom on her birthday. Third, your mom want to see her
dad as he has not been doing well since the stroke. Actually doing better
than I thought it was supposed to be doing. He never used his walker and
got around OK. However, the short term memory is pretty bad. He can
remember all those old stories, but he forgets that he just told that story
to me. In fact this morning grandpa and I visited for about an hour and a
half. He told me the same story six times this morning. He didn’t remember
that had already told me. I just paid attention and pretended I hadn’t
heard of before. He is driving grandma crazy. It was good that we went down
to see him though and grandma.
This week we have some things coming up. I’m taking Sara back to the
orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. We will see what he says and if Sara needs to
have surgery on her hip or not. Don’t tell her, I think she needs more of
that needle therapy. It’s seem to work. Natalie has two games this week on
Tuesday and Thursday on Tuesday they’re playing Boulder city am I on
Thursday they’re playing a new school called sky something or another. Like
the name for a school right? Anyway, they should win both games.
Well my sweetheart, I’m so proud of you. I think about you constantly and
I pray for you several times a day. I know your mission has been great for
you, and has been a blessing for your family as well, but having you gone
is rough on your dad. I am really looking forward to seeing you again and
having you home. However, I am so glad you’re having your current
experience. You sure have stories to tell with all you’ve seen and done
these past few weeks. I didn’t mean to get this long, I know you don’t have
a lot of time. Keep stealing members phones and sending us text Messages
and pictures. Mom and I love them and we drop everything when we see
Something come in from you. I hope you are healthy and doing well. He looks
so tired and so many of the pictures and that video. OK OK, I will let you
go. I love you so much. Your favorite dad in the whole world, dad.


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