October 2, 2017


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Emily Murdock

Hello There!

Hello there! Start of a new transfer! My new companion is Sister Murdock
from Utah. She's wonderful! I'm going to miss my last companion a lot,
but Sister Murdock is pretty awesome! we already have so much comp unity!!!

On Monday, we were knocking and spoke to Terry, this guy who did NOT want
to change his ways at all. Drug dealer with many girlfriends seemed a lot
more easy and fun than being clean and with God in this moment. The spirit
had us be as bold as possible and let him know that this is not what he was
meant to do on earth and that he is not happy no matter what he tells
himself. He wasn't listening to us very well (or so we thought), but we
left him with a card with our church address, time of church, and also the
time for our Book of Mormon class. On Wednesday, after the Book of Mormon
class had already ended, Terry showed up at the church building to tell us
that he broke up with all of his girls and he is on his 2nd day of not
smoking. I was so proud of him!!!! And seeing us and my recent convert
proud of him, he decided to keep on going. I told my recent convert to ask
for his number and to invite him to the service in the Keys this weekend...
and there Terry was in the middle of members in the Keys praying over the
hot dogs and camping for the first time! He is so excited to be around
these members more! I wish I had brought all of my investigators to the

We found Chris and Chris (roommates) while knocking. We didn't tell them
this but our names are both Emily so that was pretty funny. Chris and
Chris are pretty interested in learning more! The plan of Salvation made
complete sense to them!

2 transfers ago, this guy named Leo was found by the Spanish Elders in our
area. He didn't seem interested then at all, but he ended up calling us
and asking us to come over as soon as possible. He was so excited to learn
about the restored truth!

This weekend, we slept in a museum. I honestly was pretty upset that I
didn't get to camp outside... but only the Elders were able to do that this
time. They wanted us to be more safe and most of the sisters wanted AC, so
that's what we got. Service was much needed in the Keys this weekend! I'm
grateful we were able to go down and help all this time. We helped a lot
of people tear down walls in their homes and throw out all of their
furniture. It was a really sad day for most people we were helping to see
all of their things go. I hope all of you watched General Conference! I
was praying for all of you while I was doing service, hoping that you all
would have an experience of revelation. I can't wait to listen to it

1. My favorite last companion of the Ft Laud mission, Sister Murdock.
2. Senior missionaries whom we love so much!
3. Me, a member, my recent convert, and investigator (Terry) in the Keys
just doing some service.


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