October 9, 2017


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Emily Murdock

Thanks everyone for telling me I have one month left

pics: 1. My fam told me this was my last package. My fam knows me well.
Also check out my neck and arm tan line!
2 and 3. these were just taken now because we took no pictures. having
too much fun.

I first want to start off by saying that we are in the Lord's hands. It is
getting crazier and crazier, but the Lord is watching over us. Trust in
him who knows all things. As life gets tougher, that's when we grow and
come closer together. We will be able to share our testimonies more and
more. I was finally able to watch some general conference and I can't
believe how many speakers restated the words from last conference from our
beloved Prophet... "Read the Book of Mormon." It is critical. The story
line is amazing. If you say reading this Book is boring, then you don't
understand what's going on! Try to follow along and see how amazing it is
for yourself. We have such great examples and true stories in that book
that you can and you will be able to relate to your own life if you allow
it to. I hope all of you listen to Elder Callister's talk about the Book
of Mormon. And as well, there is a talk by Elder Holland called, "Safety
for the soul" that I want to commit you all to listen to. The Book of
Mormon is true. It really was written by ancient prophets and there is no
way that Joseph Smith could have made this up. The Book of Mormon, if read
everyday, will be the greatest shield that we can ever shield ourselves
with. You will begin to see your life in a different way. You will become
happier and more confident. And you will learn to trust the Lord in
everything he does.

Wednesday we had our third Book of Mormon class. It has been so much fun
teaching that with my companion and two other sisters. The spirit is always
so strong. We get to learn so much from each other. We read 1 nephi 3 and
4. Terry (our investigator who did service at the Keys with us), my recent
convert John, and the other sisters investigator came. We had such a great
discussion! Terry told us he had started reading the next chapter that
night because he so badly wanted to know what was going to happen next.
Thursday we had a lesson with Terry with Bishop Brown and my recent
convert, John. He had lots of questions about the restoration that we were
able to cover. Such deep questions that people don't normally think of
until way later. He is doing so great! We were able to set him with a
baptismal date for November 4th.

We called Terry Sunday morning to make sure he was coming to church still..
and he was in Chicago for a week and a half! He could tell we were a little
worried and sad that he wasn't coming to church. He made it clear that he
had already looked up our church address their in Chicago for the 9am
session. He called us later after church and said, " I just wanted to let
you know to not be weirded out when elders here in Chicago call you and ask
you what I've already been taught. I'm meeting with them on Wednesday at
7pm. I gave them your number. Don't worry, they will make sure I am still
reading the Book of Mormon and I'm going to ask them questions about
baptizing the dead." We couldn't believe it! What an answer to our prayers!
The elders in Chicago called us an hour later and we were able to update
them and they are excited to show him their 7 day plan on how to quit
smoking! They made it clear that Terry will come back better than he left.
I'm so excited to see Terry next week and see what so many testimonies will
do for him!

I'm having a blast here with my comp. Our nickname is M&M (mills and
murdock) so our job is to create and send out miracle texts only in rap
form.... because eminem has nothing on us. ;) I didn't think the first one
was as great as the next one's will be but it got sent to the whole
mission. Here's what it says: "We be knockin. We be prayin. Teachin
gators. We be slayin. Spirit led us to a door. Shaina aint an active
member no more. Gonna teach her husband. Spirit's gonna blow his mind.
We've got what you've been lookin for. You're wife has had it this whole
time." Yep! We found a lost record less active by following the spirit,
knocking on a random door, and we are now going to start teaching her

I love being a missionary. Sorry mom and dad. I'm not coming home. The


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