April 24, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Maggie Root

I'm 20... Oh and I hit my year mark....

Hi! First off, I want to thank those who have made my birthday so great!
It was the best! Being on a mission is such a great birthday present. I'm
20... Am I supposed to feel this old or is it still okay that I don't??
Whatever! I am hitting my year mark this week.. which I wouldn't even have
recognized if it weren't for my family!

This week has been a blast!
1. I saw my first Alligator.. On my birthday! We were walking past a lake
and I was talking to the birds saying how they were going to be eaten if
they are dumb and stay where they are... and then an Alligator came and
grabbed one of the birds and pulled it under the water! I died laughing of
2. Our investigator Eric is getting baptized on his birthday this friday!
He is so excited!!! He found us through the website... after
studying about the church for 6 months and having ordered a book of Mormon
off Amazon. I have never seen someone so ready and prepared to come unto
Christ. I am quite a lucky person to be able to help this man prepare to
be baptized!!
3. On monday, Eric gave us and the sisters we live with a tour of the hotel
he works at! It's called "The Breakers" Hotel and it costs 7,000 dollars
to sleep a night there... plus everything else that is there that you need
to spend money on... so beautiful! it's on the island and looks out
towards the ocean and also towards the city. Would I ever want to stay
here in a hotel this expensive??? NO. but glad I got to go tour it and see
what rich people do.
4. Felt strongly about visiting this part member family the other day. and
We found 2 kids that want to be baptized and they both came to church on
5. Went on my first full day exchange as an STL this week! Super fun!

1st pic is With our Investigator, Eric
next 3 are Birthday pics


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