May 1, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Maggie Root

Eric was Baptized!!

ERIC WAS DEFINITELY BAPTIZED!! Oh my goodness it was the greatest
experience ever.

Eric was shaking like crazy. A lot more members came than planned and he
is the most shy person I have ever met haha. His hands were moving like
crazy. Then he got baptized, came back into the room, his hands were still
shaking but weren't shaking as much, and then he received the gift of the
Holy Ghost.... afterwards... his hands were shaking at all. The most
confident person ever at this point. I couldn't help but cry when the
spirit was incredible strong in that room. He got up and asked to bare his
testimony before the service ended and wow.... more converted man that I
will ever see baptized. This was the most incredible testimony ever. I
wish I could have recorded it but in all honesty, it was one of those "too
sacred to record" experiences that are in the Book of Mormon haha. During
his testimony he turned to us missionaries and said, "I never told you
this, but you guys yelled at me one time that I wasn't praying enough and
never prayed about whether the book of Mormon was true or not. So I did
while on the plane heading to my business trip in Salt Lake. Nothing
happened. No answer. Then some guy came up to me and for some reason kept
talking to me. he asked me what I was doing and why I was here and I told
him that it was for business. I don't think he could have seen my book of
Mormon because it was in my bag. We ended up being in the wrong place so
we walked together just talking to the other area we needed to be at. When
we got there to our bags and were about to part ways, he gave me a huge
hug.... and told me, "Good luck on your search." ....." and then Eric bore
testimony more about how he knows without a doubt that it's true, about how
Joseph Smith really is a true prophet who translated the Book correctly,
about how Jesus Christ atoned for all of us... and more... Sister Root and
I cried the whole time. After the baptismal service, the ward brought lots
of food and sung Eric happy birthday. We tried to get him to blow out the
candle and make a wish.. and he whispered under his breath (a member
overheard it) "but my wish already came true". This man finally has a
family. He finally is as happy as he could possibly be in this life. He
is clean from all terrible addictions he was addicted to. And he never
misses a day of reading at least a chapter in the book that is so true.
Ahhhh best experience ever. I know without a doubt that this gospel can
change absolutely anyone's life. And I am so excited to one day thank that
man, whoever he is, in the after life for having been the answer to Eric's
prayer. It's because of him that since that trip, Eric had the glow of a
100% confident "I'm going to be a member".


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