May 8, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Maggie Root

I'm doing well. I promise!

Hey Hey hey! I am alive and doing well I promise! I am terrible with
these group emails... but it's okay because half of you don't even read
these. Updates on everything.

1. I had a baptism this past week! The service was so great! Eric was
soooooo ready. The first picture is of him.
2. My Jamaican investigator, Devon, from West Palm Beach just got baptized
this week! I taught him all the lessons and we were just waiting for his
baptismal date to come because he refused any date but his own.... so badly
wish I could have been there, but I'm glad he was happier than he has ever
been and I was able to help him get to this point. :) The second picture is
of him when I left. He wasn't too happy that I was leaving... can you
3. Stake conference in the Stuart stake! Okay okay okay all of you have to
know that the super funny guy in "Meet the Mormons" who has the barbecue
cook off with the bishop in Atlanta is a quorum of the seventy now! He
spoke in our stake conference and was the coolest black guy EVER. He
preached like a baptist preacher up at the pulpit and made even the little
kids completely silent with his hilarious jokes. One of the comments that
I loved from him was, "God would have been so disappointed in me if I had
not shared my testimony." He was talking about his plane ride here to
Florida. He shared his story how he refused to let the person sitting next
to him sleep for that hour and 7 minutes. They were going to talk about
God and Christ's church somehow within that plane ride. We as members of
the church need to speak up and help others feel as happy as we are. The
big excuse is that we all live in a small town where everyone knows about
the church...yeah?? I thought that too until I became completely humbled on
my mission. What about those times we go shopping in Vegas?? What about
those times we are on our trips? Or getting gas at a gas station and
there's a person awkwardly getting gas on the other side with their car?
TALK TO THEM. It's as simple as, "Hey dude! Here's a picture of Jesus
Christ and there's this website that I know will help your family a lot.
It has helped mine." I can't believe how much this area I am in complains
about how crazy this world is getting.... and they don't even know their
next door neighbor's name or what they look like. My commitment for all of
you is to pray and ask Heavenly Father for a way to share your testimony.
If you say you don't have an opportunity ever to share the gospel, you are
wrong. But it's your choice ;)

Love you guys! Make Heavenly Father proud!


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