May 23, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Maggie Root

Hello Hello!!

Hello Hello! Transfers are this week and i'll be killing yet another
missionary this coming transfer. I'll be staying in the Royal Palm ward
with Sister Cotrell and I am so excited to be with her for her last
transfer as a full time missionary!
Not much success with finding new investigators. We have gotten a lot of
doors slammed in our faces and dogs racing after us, but I am grateful to
know that my efforts are never wasted! I know I am blessing myself and my
family right now. :)
- I caught a baby frog the size of my pinky nail!
- My companion and the 2 sisters we live with went sunrising for Pday this
morning. It was beautiful!
- We are going to be at the temple doing baptisms for the dead tonight with
our recent convert, Eric! He has found and is taking plenty of names with
him to the temple. The ward helped him find names and his new member
lessons are being taught very well by the members! We just go, sit back,
and watch the members teach him now.
- Had two full day exchanges this week in West Palm Beach and Wellington.
We found both some new investigators.

Pictures: Juno Beach
I've decided that I'm going to be a pro fisher after the fact that I picked
up a flopping huge fish and it sprayed blood all over my clothes! I smell
so great right now as I'm writing to you all ;)


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