May 30, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Aubrey Cottrell

Memorial Weekend

I loved Sara's song! Send me more! We are allowed to listen to stuff like
that as long as it's sent to us :)
I was honestly really surprised when my sisters told me that mom agreed to
redecorating their rooms??? Natalie only has a year left so don't waste
money on that haha. My opinion as someone who was upset that my room got
taken away from me but then realized that I'm not going to live there for
very long when I get back!

Tell Coach Humes that I love him and it's because of him and the help he
gave me to endure that I am still out here.

I sent what I sent President in Mom's email, but basically that same thing
happened right after to this couple who is young and so badly wants to have
a child but is having a hard time. I volunteered to say a prayer for them
and in the prayer, I felt so inspired to ask Heavenly Father that as they
come closer to him and our Savior that He will trust them to have one of
his sons or Daughters and bring that person into the world righteously.
When the prayer ended, the mother was crying and asked us how they could
receive trust from God. Welllll we obviously told them how! She was very
interested so we shared the restoration with her and her husband. When we
asked to come back and help prepare them for baptism, she said yes nodding
her head as much as possible... but her husband said no. Really really
sad. But we planted a good seed.
I was thinking afterwards about how crazy it is as missionaries that we
always have the spirit with us, but we feel it more or less than we usually
do when we talk to people. I love how much Heavenly Father gives us help!
It's so easy to know who is ready or not by the Holy Ghost! I was looking
at the wife and the spirit was so magnified, but as soon as I looked at the
husband, I didn't feel the spirit as strong. Then one time this week, we
knocked, this old man answered the door, and whether he was going to say
yes or no to a prayer, we handed him a picture of Jesus Christ and left
because the Holy Ghost told us both not to talk to him. And THEN, God
allowed us to have the spirit overwhelm ours and Michael's heart so we
could teach the best Restoration lesson ever and have the best seed planted
ever, even though he sadly said no to... which I still don't get! But
anyways, I love the gift of the Holy Ghost. I can't imagine not having
that gift in my life, especially as I am making such huge decisions at this
age. I hope I can help someone like me receive that gift soon!


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