June 12, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Aubrey Cottrell

School's Out

Hopefully I give you all the info that you want! Eric is doing great! He
has one more lesson left and it's going to be all about enduring to the
end! His last lesson was all about temples and family history by the
Jensen family.... it was ..... interesting.... It's a good thing Eric is
super elect otherwise he would have walked out of that house and never came
back to church hahahahahahaahha. Even I was weirded out by everything they
said! But they tried!!
Okay now here's the BIG news. We called President out of disgust on
Sunday (another 5 0's of death) because Sister Cottrell and I were just
done with having no help from the ward and seeing no success. We fasted
Sunday to see what we could do and both of our answers was that our success
is going to come through working with the members... so we asked him what
we could do to get them moving and if we were just going crazy haha. Pres
couldn't believe how we weren't having correlation, how we haven't ever
gotten a new WML, how little the ward council and ward in general was doing
for us and he told us that if the ward doesn't progress in 3 weeks, then
there will be no missionaries in the area. He told us that they are
needing to figure out where to take missionaries from anyways because so
many missionaries are dying and not coming in... so he told us that he
might as well take them here if there is no help from the members. He gave
us Brother Gaminara' number (he's the high council guy for missionary work)
We had an inventory with our bishop and called Brother Gaminara this week.
Brother Gaminara is a super hero dude! He was so furious with the stake
president and threw down on him! We got a new ward mission leader this
Sunday hahahaha. It's Brother Dietz! he was the WML in Wellington 6
months ago and he's super excited to be it again!!! WE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING
We are having a "missionary month" after having an inventory with Bishop.
Bishop wants to see how many people our ward can invite to church, how many
actually come to church that are invited, and how many referrals the ward
can give the missionaries. We made a board where we can tally the success
and hopefully it'll work! We told the ward council that it's not going to
work unless they are the ones that do it first.... so hopefully they all
bring info or have invited someone to church, otherwise this next ward
council will be quite awkward for them. ;) We are also calling each of the
ward council to make sure that they bring something on Sunday!

a returned missionary.. actually Bishop's son hahaha. He felt bad for us
when he overheard us talking to his dad I think haha. But we got a new
investigator! Teaching his best friend! His name is Joel and he doesn't
necessarily understand that church isn't just for bible study (his parents
made there own "church").

On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 1:28 AM, Kimberly Mills

Dear Sister Mills,
School is officially out! So excited to have some time to catch up on
How is the missionary work going? Any investigators this week? Were you
able to teach any discussions? I loved getting the text from the Mantor
family tonight. You look so happy.
I'm sure Kaylie will email you. She got her mission call this week. She
was called to the Spokane, Washington mission. Speaking English. She
enters the MTC on July 26. So we will be traveling up to her farewell the
week before. Super excited for her. She is so happy!!!! She's been trying
to get her call for a year now. We are so excited for her!!!!
Allison graduated from 5th grade. We are now officially done with Bowler
ES. I can't believe it. Two in high school, one in middle school and a
missionary. Wow!!! I'm getting old, but I'm super proud of all of you.
Dad had a birthday this week of course. Just one year older. HAHA We
also went to St George Saturday and had a super fun day. We did some
shopping and spent a lot of money. HAHA Then we went to Olive Garden for
dinner and went to see Newsies. It was super good!!! Loved it!!! I
almost got teary eyed sitting there listening. It was so fun to see it
with Dad again and with the girls! Dad and I saw the original movie when
it came out while we were dating. Dad wants to be the one to send you
pictures so I won't steal his thunder! LOL
Dad was the substitute for gospel doctrine today. He taught the plan of
Salvation D&C 76. It was a great lesson. I was super proud of him. He is
such a good teacher. I so enjoy listening to him. He is smart and knows a
lot about the gospel. I wish I could be so knowledgeable or at least feel
confident to be. I have noticed a difference as I study and what I
remember in conversations though. I just finished studying 1 Corinthians
15 a couple days ago and it talked about the degrees of glory and what our
bodies will be like. Super interesting. I learned a lot a out what our
bodies will look like in the next life and how their brightness will be
just like the degree of glory we live in . I never thought of it that way
before. Super neat!!
I'm taking the girls down to California this next weekend. We are going
to visit Grandma/Grandpa Jenson and Jill, Troy, and the boys. Going to the
beach and probably some more shopping. HAHA I'm sure we will have fun.
It's got to be cooler than the 100 degree weather we've been having. I'll
send you pictures of our adventures.
I love you and I'm so proud of you!! Can't wait to hear about all of your
adventures and stories from this week.
PPS. I'm including a picture a missionary mom posted on Facebook about
some ideas to get missionary work going in her ward. Ok sure you've already
discussed things like this. It in including the post of her idea in my


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