June 19, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Aubrey Cottrell

Terrible at Group Emails

I am so terrible at typing up group emails! Super sorry!

First off, I just want to express my love for missionary work. Wow has
this been the best growing, learning experience of my life. I love how
Heavenly Father allows us to see miracles every single day as we go out and
answer others prayers and serve those we find! I have such a strong
testimony of how the spirit tells us what to say to all of those we desire
to help.
For example (just one out of soooo many i've had) , We knocked on this 55
year old man's door. His wife had passed away a year ago and he also asked
for us to pray for his anger, about every thing in general, to go away. I
started the prayer, so badly wanting to help him, and the spirit told me
what to say the whole time. After the prayer, he had started crying and he
expressed how just before we came, he prayed and asked God for help. What a
cool thing it is to be the Lord's instrument in answering someone's
prayer! It's so great to help others know how much God and our Savior love

I'm doing great here... And my bishopric here knows it! We just got a new
ward mission leader and we are also pretty excited for this new elders
quorum presidency who are all so missionary minded! We were dancing
afterwards down the church hall... and then we heard tons of laughter....
our bishopric saw the whole thing! Ehh I'm weird and I guess no matter
where I go, people find out!

While knocking doors, we knocked into this Jewish lady who was really rude
and slammed her door on us. We started walking away and the Jewish lady
came outside with a cigarette in her hand and started yelling at us. She
was starting to bash with us, but then all of a sudden the spirit calmed
her down. Her heart just randomly completely changed and we sat there
talking with her. After a bit, she asked for that prayer we had offered
her before she had slammed the door in our faces. She wasn't ready to be
taught by us, but her thoughts about the church have changed completely and
I'm excited for missionaries in the future to knock on her door.

1-2: The best district ever made
3: The joy of catching tadpoles after it poured down rain
4: Florida's 2 minute showers
5: ​​​​me and my comp


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