June 26, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Aubrey Cottrell

Running Errands for God

I wish I could say this week was one of those weeks that flew by faster
than all the rest... but the truth is that all of the weeks as a missionary
(if you are working your hardest and seeing all of the tender mercies) feel
like this!

We had zone conference this week. It was our very last time seeing my
wonderful President and Sister Richardson.... but ehh they live in St.
George and my President says he's going to teach me how to golf because he
heard I was terrible. How? No idea. But anyways, it's really incredible
how attached you get to the leaders called of God when you know they are
truly called of God. I love them greatly and they are part of the reason
why I am such a better me!

I had a full day exchange with Sister Oliverson in her area, Port St.
Lucie! We had a last door miracle. These are my favorite miracles right
here! It's 8:28pm and we aren't allowed to knock doors past 8:30pm... no
success yet but we knew there was someone specific we needed to see before
we left. We went completely silent... I looked at Sister Oliverson and
pointed at a house wayyyy down the road. She shrugged and we ran! I ran
to the door as fast as I could and knocked on it knowing that Sister
Oliverson would catch up eventually. We were out of breath when Ron opened
the door to us. Ron is this guy who obviously had bad health and needed a
prayer. We said a prayer for everything he had asked us to pray for and
when it was over, he asked us how we knew to come to his house. We told
him the reason why we were out of breath and he started crying tears of
Joy. He expressed how he thought God wasn't answering his prayers and he
thanked us for "running for him". We testified boldly of the restored truth
we have, but sadly he wasn't ready to accept. But he did promise that he'd
let the missionaries teach him the next time they are sent from God to him.

A Haitian asked me where I was from because I forgot an english word while
speaking to him. She asked me where I was from.... I told her America...
and they all laughed???

Sister Cottrell and I went against everyone in our zone in a "Open your
Mouth" (how many people you contact on the streets) competition. We lost
to 2 areas of Elders... so they all 4 get to pie us in the face. Stay
tuned for some pictures of that in 2-3 weeks.

We had a fire exchange with 2 of our sisters this week and I am 100 PERCENT
positive that I left the exchange more uplifted than she did! It was just
incredible for both of us. We called them later to tell them thank you
because both Sister Cottrell and I needed that fire exchange too! The
sisters were so shocked and surprised but it was so true!!!! I also got a
testimony slap with the commitments that we leave. After the exchange I had
NO IDEA what commitment to leave her because she was just too good, but I
told her I would go home and pray about it and I was reminded by God again
that this is sooo not my work and its all His. The commitment could not
have come from me but the sister told me that it was EXACTLY what she
needed and something that had been on her mind. *SLAP* yeah, God is
literally in every part of this work and we just need to trust Him at all
times, 24/7.

After this long week I was so grateful for the chance I had on Sunday to go
to church and partake of the sacrament. It really is the most important
part of our week. It was so comforting and so amazing to feel of that
Spirit and to know that I did everything I needed to that week and that God
was watching out for us here in our little congregation of Royal Palm. WHAT

1. My crazy crazy zone
2. Goodbye Ma and Pa
3. I love mission friends


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