July 3, 2017


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Aubrey Cottrell

Hello my friends!

Hello my friends! Good good week here in the only area in my mission that
has horses! It's weird. I'm actually speaking proper English. Let me
tell you what has happened this week:

We visited a Less active mother who is a returned missionary, worked at the
MTC, and went to BYU. She became less active because she didn't believe in
"the whole Joseph Smith thing". She told us that she has always avoided the
problem because that was the thing troubling her testimony. She even
refused to teach the restoration on her mission because she didn't want to
bare testimony about Joseph Smith. Let me express to you how important it
is to have a testimony in the first Prophet in these modern days, Joseph
Smith. IT IS. Pretend I'm bopping you on the head until you agree with
me! You have to have a testimony in the Prophet, Joseph Smith, or else you
will not have a testimony in anything else that is part of all of this
restored truth. This less active also told us that she always felt uneasy
at church or while reading the Book of Mormon... so she decided to test out
not being a member of the church for a period of time and she felt a lot
more peace after she stopped going to church and following the word of
wisdom. How sad. That is how easy it is for Satan to get into our head.
That is how critical it is to make sure that we "doubt our doubts before we
doubt our faith", receive counseling from our leaders, and to not avoid the
part of our testimony that isn't strong and figure it out. I know that
Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son and received the power and calling
to restore Christ's full gospel back on the earth. Don't give up on
figuring this out for yourself.

1.A dog in Loxahatchee attacked sister Cottrell because she kept looking at
it while we were walking past it. This picture is from the day after
Sister Cottrell got attacked and we were scared for our lives at a 2nd dog
that came at us. it was pretty scared of that stick, man!
2. We got to do service for the Community of Hope church. I felt so cool
with this on.​

​3. Ding dong ditched our Bishop's families home. We left them a thank
you note at the door. I ran to and from the house like a weirdo... we were
driving away and someone was looking out the window that whole time!


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