January 23, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Dakota Leslie

Palm Beach!!!

Hello Friends! Dude I am in the coolest area (West Palm Beach) in the
world now, with the coolest companion, and the coolest ghetto people ever.
My new companion is Sister Leslie and I love her so much! She is from
Firth, Idaho and pretty sure we have already decided that we are rooming
together at BYUI. We are no joke the same person and it is actually kind
of freaky sometimes. But yeah... apparently my area is where Trump's house
is?? We are going to try to go knock it and see if anyone is home. ;)
This area is either middle class or super poor. We actually are encouraged
not to go up to half of our area once it gets dark because of how dangerous
it is for 2 white girls to be there... but so far nothing has happened and
we aren't too scared?? My companion and I share an ward with Elders and
all four of us are new to the area this transfer. The bishop called our
mission president asking for "his best missionaries" to come serve in his
ward because they have big plans that they need to achieve. Our first ward
correlation, the bishop gave us a rundown of what they wanted to do and I
am pumped! They set expectations for us and they set expectations for
themselves that are unheard of! This really is the promise land for
missionaries. They truly believe with all their hearts that missionaries
are there to be the teachers and the members are the finders. Incredible.
This whole past year, this ward hasn't had much trust in the missionaries
that have come and gone, but they have full trust in us due to the fact
that our mission president told the bishop that he gave him "the best
missionaries he has". Tons of pressure but we are all so down to help this
ward be as successful as possible!

Mitt Romney came to our ward and was asked to share his testimony. He was
actually pretty uncomfortable because he didn't want to be the center of
attention (he was only there to have the sacrament) and it was a nice
learning experience that everyone is equal haha.

We taught a lesson to this guy that was definitely an Anti-Christ and he
refused to be baptized because his friend got baptized by a pastor in a
river and he accidentally was dropped and had floated down the river.

This area has TONS of people that say, "skreet" rather than street and
"Skrength" rather than strength... actually, a sister from the ward said
the opening prayer for sacrament with those words! It's great!

We got 4 new investigators this week! One of them isn't too committed but
we picked up a mother and her 2 kids and they seem way interested. We have
loads of potential investigators to go see this week. Pretty sure we are
going to get at least 7 new investigators this coming week. Most of them
will be member present lessons as well. Our members here ROCK.

Here's my new address! If one of you would please send me a letter this
week, that'd be great! We had to drive to a chapel 30 minutes away from
our house because the library didn't believe that we live here and I need
some proof... Thanks!
3240 Haverhill Rd North C205
Florida, West Palm Beach 33417

1 and 2- pics of my awesome District.
3- My wonderful Companion and I
4 and 5- The Elders having fun with one of the member's kid.


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