February 28, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Dakota Leslie

Jamaican me crazy!

I didn't have time to make a group email this last week, so this email is
going to consist of this week and last week!

We have been teaching this 64 year old Jamaican man, Leon, and I love him
so much!!! We found him while knocking doors a couple weeks ago and he I
already call him my Grandpa! He feeds all the time and it's great! We
have taught him up to the commandments and have 1 more lesson with him
until he gets baptized on March 11th like he is hoping. He is doing so
much missionary work! This last week, he brought his friends to meet us
and one of them was his brother in law... and his brother in law was a Lost
records Less active!! We found a less active through our investigator.
And they are both committed to come to church every sunday together.

Our down stairs neighbor came to church on Sunday and now wants to be
taught. If we stomped, our investigator would hear us! I was joking with
him and told him that we are going to stomp super hard periodically just so
he knows when he needs to read the book of Mormon. He thought I was
kidding ;)

We got a media referral last week of this 20 year old girl who believes
that she's been hearing Christ's voice in her head. She told us that he's
telling her that she is going to marry her and have her first born
child.... she probably called the medial referral people and asked for our
number because she ended up somehow calling us 20 minutes later and telling
us that she's going to prove us wrong and call us when she does.

We painted our whole apartment and got brand new carpet this week! From
9am to 5:30pm with a senior couple, and 4 great elders in my district. I
love these crazy people!

1- painting party
2- Us sitting outside of our ward's Valentine's Party. Imagine 4
missionaries dancing in their seats to the cha cha slide... because that
definitely happened.
3- Our investigator, Leon, and some members
4 and 5- I don't like normal pictures so I jumped on everyone to make it


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