February 13, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Dakota Leslie

Crazy two weeks!

Hello! The past couple weeks have been crazy! Going to be a short email
(pretty sure all of my emails are. So sorry), but just know that I love all
of you with all my heart... but I love the gospel more ;)

So my companion and I felt that we were so close to finding our vision
family..through the spirit, we have been told what they were going to be
like, how many were going to be in the family.. and WELL WE FOUND THEM.
Pretend I am fist pumping you! Turns out, it was a family that we had
knocked into a week or so ago, we shared a prayer with them, they told us
to stop by for another prayer sometime, and we had left. We felt like going
back just yesterday and seeing them for some reason and the father, whom we
hadn't met yet, opened the door. Sister Leslie and I looked at each other
with excitement because he was everything that we thought he was. Then we
met the rest of their family... our vision was a family of 5, but God
blessed us with a family of 6 with 5 baptismal age! We taught them
Restoration and the father had done random research on church before so he
asked about the Book Of Mormon as well. So we basically fed them tons and
tons of information about the church and they all loved it and are excited
for us to come back! God is good! THEIR LAST NAME IS MILLS TOO. We are
definitely bringing members with us to every lesson. I am going to help
baptize nations of Mills's! ;)

I got my first food poisoning experience here on the mission from member
food.... that was fun!

Daniel our investigator, the one with Kidney failure and on Dialysis, is
slowly progressing towards baptism. He is always sick sadly so we can only
meet with him once a week, but he so badly wants to be baptized on the 25th
of this month. He will get there! He has found himself a donor so
hopefully it's a perfect match and will be good soon! We will get the
results of that this week.

1) I asked my companion to cut my hair. I cut 6 inches off! Anyone who
really knew me before the mission knows how much i've changed the fact that
I let someone like that cut my hair!
2) got to pie my zone leaders in the face because we won a competition for
our zone!
3) Pic of my zone.
4 and 5) Yep... we got ourselves the coolest Elvis impersonator ever in my
ward. Us and the Elders we share a ward with!


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