March 6, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Madi Smith

I'm a mama!

Hey hey hey! Dude! I love my baby(my trainee)! She is so great! Sister
Smith! When all of the trainers and new missionaries were in the chapel,
the new missionaries introduced themselves. I totally knew that I was
going to get a white, utah, basic named baby... and it happened. She is
literally white, utah, and as basic named as you can get! We taught our
first restoration lesson to our new investigator family! She was so
freaking nervous and it was the cutest thing! She is very outgoing,
hilarious, and very ready to do as much missionary work as possible. We
get along well! New missionaries are great haha. One time, she freaked
out on me when I told someone boldly, "if you love God, you'll come to
church this Sunday." hahahahahah
She is from Layton, Utah. Graduated in 2016. She has been less active
basically her whole life until she had this overwhelming feeling on the
"it's a small world" ride in Disney World to serve a mission! Then she
completely changed her life so that she could serve a mission and receive a
testimony! So cool huh?!?! But I seriously love training. It has helped
me realize how many "rules" we have and how many blessings we receive from
all of them. I have recognized how much the spirit helps us stay out of
danger because my new baby comp here gets scared often during the night
because we are in the ghetto haha. I keep having to tell her, "sister, God
isn't going to send us to a place with something dangerous going on. And
if we were in danger, we wouldn't feel the spirit."

Our cars battery was low so we took it in to get fixed. We went outside
for that hour to talk to people and we end up finding a former investigator
who moved here a few weeks ago! Teaching him here soon!

We taught my child's first restoration lesson this week! Our member
referred us to a family and they are now our new investigators!

Leon is staying strong as always! I love him!

1. I promise my companion loves me.
2. My trainer (my right side) and my trainee (my left side)
3. My MTC companion and our children! We are training at the same time.
4. Leon, our prime investigator
5. I'm not even going to explain this picture... here's my comp.


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