March 20, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Madi Smith

President Richardson

Great week! Wow did my trainee need it! She has been having a bit of a
harder time this week. It's that time of her first transfer where she's
questioning if this is the right thing for her... plus she has depression.
Her depression is where she just thinks so negatively, questions
everything, and just doesn't feel any type of emotion whatsoever. I prayed
so hard on how to help her. I truly believe that God had me feel some type
of depression on my mission (getting off of those depression pills i didn't
need a few transfers ago) just so I could help my wonderful Sister here.
The spirit allowed me to remember literally everything that you shared with
me that night I called you wondering if I needed to give up. We read 2
Nephi 4 together and I related it perfectly to her needs and how she felt.
Then afterwards, I got out a piece of paper and put on a paper, "List of
positive things that will come from Sister Smith being on a mission". I
listed 20 until she wanted to help me. I wouldn't let her stop thinking of
them until we hit 50. Then after that, we left the house right away and
that day, we quality contacted boldly to 45 people, taught 3 full
restoration lessons, and got 3 new investigators! and then the rest of the
week, the fire still was lit and we kept on working just as hard!


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