April 11, 2017


West Palm Beach, Florida


Madi Smith

Transfer week!

I am leaving the West Palm Beach area.... I don't get to finish training
Sister Smith which I am incredibly sad about... but Heavenly Father doesn't
want me to just help her, but a group of other sisters. My Mission
President has asked me to be one the Sister Training Leaders. I will be
transferring over to an area called Royal Palm (close to the city
Wellington). The funny thing is that I will be the Sister Training Leader
over my old area still, which I am super excited about!

My new address is 488 Golden Wood way Wellington, Fl 33414 ..... This is
the address that I will be at for my birthday that is next week... *cough

Leon is going to be a long term investigator for a while I believe. We
went over this week and he was very honest with us. He has read up to Alma
7 and he knows it all is true. He loves the church and isn't going to stop
going. He's not breaking any of the commandments and is following
everything... he just feels like there is something that he needs to fix
first. He won't be baptized until it's fixed and he wouldn't tell us what
it is which means it is incredibly personal, so we let me be. We know he
will get baptized someday :)

Devon is getting baptized at the end of this month! We went over with
Bishop and another member. We read the Book of Mormon with him. We didn't
want to keep going with the last lesson until he knew that the Book of
Mormon is true and until he knew for sure that he can get any type of
answer from this word of God. We started the lesson with a prayer asking
Heavenly Father for each of us to receive knowledge of what Question we
needed answered during our group scripture study. Then we sat and pondered
in silence for 5 minutes until everyone knew what they needed to get from
the Book of Mormon. Then we read in a circle, verse by verse, sharing
anything that the spirit popped into our head. Holy poop the spirit was so
freaking strong! By the end of the chapter, each of our questions were
answered and each of us shared what our questions and answers were. Total
proof that God answers anything at all through the scriptures! Afterwards,
Devon grabbed Bishop Kelly's hand and told him excitedly that Bishop is
going to be the one to baptize him. Super blessed to have been a part of
this wonderful experience.


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