January 12, 2021


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Everything for God

With Christmas season over, our days have become pretty boring. We normally do a lot of online work in the teaching centers these days. It is still good work, but at a computer all day which can be difficult at times. A lot of our work involves contacting previosuly taught people and responding to Facebook chats. We actually have a lot of Facebook chats coming in, but not all of them are progressive. Actually, there are quite a few that are more argumentative then progressive. There is always good and bad. It's like technologies version of knocking on doors. We are seeking the elect through their messages. We seek to be productive in everything we do and we fill in all of our hours each day with teaching and even helping other sisters. This week, we worked on helping a sister with a new computer. She is going home with me this next Wednesday and she needed it for school when she returns back to Ivory Coast. We were happy to help her get started on the right track for her education.

It's a little bit less stressful without having Christmas schedule, but still there's lots of things to do. I've officially been out on a mission now for over 17 months. It's kind of crazy to think that I'll be returning home in one week. This week, we have a lot of homebound things, such as the homebound dinner and interviews with President as I prepare to return home. Yhe time has flown so fast. Recently, there has been some sickness in our mission. We've had colds and flus going around. Luckily, my companion and I haven't caught anything, but sadly, our roommates caught a minor flu and were pretty sick for a few days. They are happy to be on their feet once again and out of the apartment. As missionaries, it definitely sucks to be stuck at home because there are very few things we can do and we can't really fulfill our purpose as much as we hope.

This makes me think of how hard it would be for all the missionaries around the world that haven't been able to leave their Apartments due to COVID. It can be difficult to feel productive and it makes me more grateful for being able to serve here on Temple Square and being able to go online and talk with people without the risk of spreading illness. Still technology is not perfect and we struggle at times to get our work down too.

On Saturday, we had our final District Council together. Next Saturday, will be our Zone Council. For this last time together as a district and we really wanted to focus on obedience and how it can bring many blessings to us whether we are on missions or at home. There are great blessings to receive from obedience to God and caring about other people. As we seek to have the spirit with us always, we can teach better we can guide better and we can love others better and serve them more. It's about following the Savior's example and not trying to do it ourselves. That was a good message to remember for all of us in our service to God.

I also have to say congratulations to my parents for their 24th anniversary this Sunday. I'm so happy for them and it reminds me of how happy our family can be as we rely on the Savior together everyday. Through him, we can be together forever no matter what. That is the most important promise that we are given. We talked to a family this week that had just recently lost their grandfather. They were members of the church and knew about eternal families through Jesus Christ. It was his time to go as he was in his late 90s. They didn't have to be sad because they had the promise of the Savior and they had faith that everything would be okay. Although it was still heart wrenching, it was important that they could celebrate his life and the things he was able to do. He is at peace returned with his long past spouse. We are so blessed in this life for the knowledge of eternal families and God's plan for us.

I look forward to the day that I can once again be with my family, but for now I'm here to continue teaching about the happiness of the family to all who visit here on Temple Square. Even with many parts of our mission now closed to construction, we have a purpose to fulfill. I find joy in talking to those that are not as open to our message and those that are sponges willing to learn everything we could say about the Savior. I have met many great people on my mission, but people's lives change as they see the goodness of the Savior and his atonement.

I have one more email to send next week. Of course, it will be my last one, but hopefully a good one. I hope everyone has a great rest of your week. Until next week.
Sister Christensen


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