January 5, 2021


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Working Hard to the End

It is already into January and I dont know where the time has gone. This week we had time to work on setting up new technology for our mission. The Gimbals and Monopods have arrived to be used. They are really helpful in having good tours. Soon we will also have IPhones to use for better cameras. That took up most of our day on Wednesday.

Thursday was my last exchange ever. I went with my zone leader for the few hours of our exchange. Sister Stewart is in the transfer behind me and I know her really well. She is very sweet. I learned a lot from her about being diligent in everything I do. During our time together I opened a snack I brought with me which was a can of pringles. When I opened the wrapping I was surprised to find cheese-itz inside. It wasn't until later that we discovered my roommate had pranked us by sealing an old pringles can closed and switching it with my new can. Go her, she got me good.

I am excited this week that 2020 is over. I spent the entire year from January to December serving God at Temple Square. It has come with so many amazing experiences. Missions are hard and it was a lot to put my life on hold, but I know that this is what God needed me to do. I don’t know all the impact I had in the world, but I have been able to see more of the impact Jesus Christ had on me. There is no one I love more than my Savior. He gave me everything I could ever want in this life. It is him that gave me my family forever, no matter what.

I'm into my final 2 weeks. I have begun the cleaning process of my online people list. I have to finish contacting all of the records and sending them to different sisters. It is a long tedious process, but an important one to help ease the burden of future sisters. There is a lot of work today as we head toward the end of the transfer.

On Monday we were able to go to the Dairy at Welfare Square once again. We haven't been to Dairy since last transfer. It may have been my last time serving there. It was really nice to spend time in simple service to those around me. I know all the work that we did is meant to help those around us. It has been a great blessing from COVID to be able to serve at Welfare Square.

Today we had an activity with our district. We made pizzas together and watched a movie. It was a great time to relax. We weren't sure how it would work with 2 of our sisters in wheelchairs and we had to meet in the hallway of the apartment building as we could not enter each others apartment, but everyone was sympathetic to our attempts to make it fun and I hope they all had an awesome time. I am excited for a new week ahead. Keep working hard and serving God.

Until next week,
Sister Christensen


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