December 29, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Have a Happy New Year!

This week has been an awesome week, especially with Christmas these past few days. Of course, this next week, in a couple days is New Year's. We are getting ready for 2021. Let's start back at the beginning of this week. Since the last time I emailed, I've been shot, celebrated Christmas, gave a training to the whole mission and turned old enough to legally drink.

Back on Wednesday we were caroling as we normally do and while singing I stopped and talked to my companion for a moment. While I was talking I felt something hit my arm. I was confused until my zone leaders asked if that was a Nerf gun. I realized then that I had been hit on the arm by someone who shot a nerf gun at the sisters from their car window as they were driving by.
And hit me in the arm. Later that same time, we saw someone drive by with a giant inflatable Grinch in the back seat of the car. We still see weird things specially around Christmas time.
On Christmas Eve, we had a dinner with our mission. They split everyone into two different groups, and we were able to eat a yummy meal and enjoy each other's company. Friday, of course, was Christmas. For us at Temple Square, it was almost a little bit of an extra P-day. We took the whole day off from missionary work. That morning we met up with part of the mission and they gave us cinnamon rolls and a yummy breakfast. After, they gave us some presents that were donated by members in the area. It was so sweet of them to give us so many things. I talked with my family later at home and watched them as they opened their gifts. We ate dinner as a district as well as the AP's. It was delicious. I even cooked the ham myself.

To close our Christmas celebration, we watched a movie as a mission called Ben-Hur, the man that knew Christ. It was actually a really good movie. I really enjoyed all the messages shared. It was really fun in a room full of missionaries. Every time Jesus Christ was mentioned or seen in any way, we all got very excited. When the main character had a chance to listen to Christ speak we were all devastated to see that he choose to leave not realizing what he was missing. It all turned out food in the end when he realized that the man had helped him more then he would ever know. He could see the light of Christ even as the Savior was crucified on the cross. It reminds me that if we search for it a little more, the light of Christ can always touch our lives.

After Christmas we went right back into our normal activities, working hard and doing all the important things that need to get down. We went on exchanges with our district on Sunday. I was able to go with Sister Green from China and Utah. She was born in China, but adopted by a family in Utah and moved here when she was 12. She is one of the sweetest people and I loved going on exchanges with her. Also over the weekend we were asked to give a training to the whole mission about the new technology we have been given.

Since July we have taken almost 5,000 virtual tours all over the world. We have been given new Gimbals and Iphones to help us in sharing the gospel with people all over the world. They wanted to prepare everyone for the new tools and how to use them properly without breaking them.

On Monday we spent most of the day in Zone Conferences for the training as well as some time this morning. It took a lot of our time, but we are happy to help in the work in every way that we can.

Also on Monday, I finished my goal for the year. I made a goal at the beginning of 2020 that I wanted to read the entire Bible because I had never read the whole Bible (the Old Testament and the New Testament) from front to back. I decided to take on that endeavor throughout the year and I can confidently say that as of yesterday, I have completed the entire Old and New Testament and I read it front to back. Of course, I have not learned everything and I'll probably need to read it again and start over on my goal to continue learning the words of the scriptures, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn about how much God loves us and how much he really seeks to help us in everything we do.

Today, I turned 21. My roommates lovingly decked out the whole apartment before I woke up and made it all decorated so I could enjoy being 21. We all went out together for lunch and had a really good time. Overall, this week has just been a great blessing and I really felt God's love because I know how much he loves each of us. As we go into this new year we can set new goals on how we're going to follow Him. New goals on how we can become better people because that's all God really wants us to do. We should all really seek him out and know how much he loves us and how much our Savior loves us, and to show that love in return by being obedient to the commandments and drawing closer to Him. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year and is able to set those goals that they want to work on to become the best people they can be. Have a great week and I write again next week!
Sister Christensen


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