December 22, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This week was my little brother's birthday! Happy 18th to Zachary. I couldn't say happy birthday, but I hope he still remembers how much I love him.

This week will be Christmas on Friday! We will be having fun activities with our mission throughout the day, but most of them will be a surprise. I will have to write more about it next week. We are working hard at contacting people. We have two booths set up around the grounds at Temple Square. One to invite people to light the world. The other is a Book of Mormon booth to share how it can bless our lives. We have been able to set up a lot of conversations about how Jesus Christ is able to bring hope and light into our lives.

On Sunday we had a special guest visit our sacrement meeting. President Ballard visited to give us a beautiful Christmas message about our divine nature. It was a great message to remember the importance of all of the work that we do each day. Whether on a mission or off we can all have the knowledge that our work will help other people grow.

That is about all I can say about this week. Nothing much special. I hope you all are able to remember the Savior this Christmas and what he means to you! The challenge for this Christmas is to post what the Savior means to you for all to see. That will also bey challenge for everyone this week and we hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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