December 15, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Beginning of the End

I am now officially in my final transfer with only 5 weeks to go. Dont worry I'm not ready to go home just yet, there is a lot of work to do. This past Wednesday was transfer day and it was low stress on our part. Us and our roommates were all staying put which made it a lot easier. We are in the full Christmas swing right now.

Every night we have plenty of visitors to see the lights at Temple Square. We have even more digital visitors over zoom to take virtual tours of the lights. The main reason virtual tours began was becuase COVID closed the buildings, but the missionary department wants it to continue even after the buildings reopen. They are in the process of getting the mission some very nice equipment to help with our tours. Sister Denney and I have been put in charge for setting up and making training videos about the equipment to prevent any accidents. It is really expensive tech. Hopefully it will help us do much better tours. Ever change brings small blessings.

We are working with around 10 different people online scheduling lessons and helping them progress toward the Savior. Each person has their own hardships and difficulties to go through. Sometimes it seems as if our weeks are empty, but everyday fills up fast with tours, people we are teaching, and other responsibilities to get done. Everyday seems to fly by.

Also this week, was interviews with President Larsen. I only have my departing interview remaining of our meeting times. He gave a lot of encouragement to keep trying my best and serving everyone around me. One of the things we are pushing for service is the Light the World events. If you haven't been participating, go to to see some of the fun things you can do to serve those around you!

Today the prompt is to share love for your parents. I want to take a moment to share how much I love my parents. They are the biggest example to me of love and service. They have given of themselves to serve their children. On Sunday I gave my missionary departing talk and shared a little of their story together. They give me so much hope in getting through my challenges. Even with all the hardship they went through, they were able to find a happy ending together. That doesn't mean their story is over, we are always learning and experiencing things. I am still grateful for their love and support in everything I do.

Besides the light the world, there are many things we can do everyday to serve those around us and help them feel closer to the savior. Truly, this is the best time to keep him at the center of our lives especially with the difficult year we have all had. It is important to remember Jesus Christ in everything we do. Hope everyone is have an awesome Christnas season. Shout out to Zachary for turning 18 this coming Thursday! Love you!
Sister Christensen


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