December 1, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Merry December!!!

This week included Thanksgiving and the Christmas lights. On Thanksgiving we were able to eat with our mission and watch the movie Miracle on 34th Street. That was kind of Christmas as well as Thanksgiving but it really brought in the spirit and the joy of loving all people.

On Friday the Christmas lights turned on for the first time this season. For everyone's information the square and the plaza are closed, but there are still lights everywhere and we are open to do virtual tours to show the lights to any who wish to see them. There will also be a lot of events on Facebook on the "Finding Jesus Christ at Temple Square" Facebook page. They are there to help everyone celebrate and get ready for Christmas. People can still walk around the Conference center and walk around the outside of the Square and enjoy some of the lights. The sisters are singing socially distanced with masks on, but still enjoyable.

It has been really tiring with the Christmas season. It feels like we have two parts to every day. We have the morning section where we try to do all of our computer time as well as our meetings. Starting at 5 o'clock the square closes and we start our shifts for Christmas and those are very go-go-go. We're talking to a lot of people who visit and come to see the lights that are visible and feel the spirit of Christmas.

Sunday included a special devotional from Brad Wilcox. He is in the Young Men General Presidency, and he is a great motivational speaker. He is also the author of His Grace is Sufficient, a beautiful talk about grace and why it's important in our lives. When he came to talk to our mission, he talked more about grace and how we use it to find more peace and joy. Christ can help us through all of our hardships as we really on him.

Today we're having some fun times with are roomies and some sisters in our district. We went out to eat at Denny's with Sister Denney (no relation, but we all thought it was funny). We also get to watch Other Side of Heaven 2 which we borrowed from Sister Larsen.

I hope everyone is paying attention to the Light the World calendar this year and participating in all of the many things that you can do to serve those around you. Help light everyone's life because I know the only way we can really find happiness with everyone around us is by serving and loving others. If we can love everyone then all people can love each other. We can make the world a better more loving place in everything we do.

Hope you all have a great week. Until next time!
Sister Christensen


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