November 24, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week we finished off exchanges with our district. This week I went with Sister Peterson. Sister Peterson is new and she is one of the few sisters originally assigned to Temple Square. I was able to go on exchanges with her and she is amazing as all the sisters are. She is so willing to work hard and loves the Savior and the Book of Mormon. We saw some miracles during our time together as we talked to people on Square. There was one man named Juan who felt so touched by the spirit and really wants to turn his life around. He hadn't been going to church recently, and really desires a change. It was so cool to be able to see how willing people are to change when they feel the spirit and feel close to Jesus Christ.

This week, we also had exchanges with our zone leaders and I was with Sister Murray from Canada. It's actually the second time we've been on exchanges. The last time I went on exchanges with her, it was back when I was with Sister Marotz back in my fifth transfer. She is so willing to inspire people to be better and to be more obedient.

Friday is also the time that President Nelson came out with the message of hope. If any of you have not been able to share on social media those things that you're grateful, please do and share those things that you are grateful in your life. God has blessed us with so much even in the the hardest of times. He's still giving us many miracles and blessings. I've seen that a lot on my mission. Even though it's hard, we can always rely on God and his love for us.

On Saturday, we had a zoom meeting with President Ballard for our mission. He talked a lot about teaching people by feeling rather than by knowledge alone. Its when people have the feelings of the spirit when they truly feel converted and feel the truth of the word of God. There is no amount of proof that can help people understand as great as the spirit in our hearts.

On Sunday, we were able to go to our in person devotional once again. We are busy preparing for Christmas as the lights turn on the day after Thanksgiving. We are so excited for all the lights at Temple Square. The grounds themselves will be closed but people can still come to the outside to wander around the conference center grounds and see the lights there. Many will be able to take virtual tours and interact with the sisters who are sharing about light the world and gratitude. I hope you're all excited to feel the beautiful joy that comes through the holiday season, especially as we remember Jesus Christ more and spend time with our families.

I am excited today to spend some time with our district and watch a movie called Silent Night, which is how the beautiful Christmas song Silent Night came to be. Our district is truly amazing. I hope everyone is going to have an amazing Thanksgiving. We will be eating it with our mission and they'll be feeding us Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving and Ill be back again next week!
Sister Christensen


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