November 10, 2020


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Alania Denney

Hard work pays off!

Since the last time I emailed, we had a another week go by. The technology in the mission is still a front runner. Almost all the new computers have been set up, but we need some replacements in headsets and cameras. On Thursday, though, we were able to take a break and go back to the dairy! This is the first time I've been to the dairy since almost a transfer ago because it was cancelled for a little while. We had a great time. We were just making some dry milk and they even let us take a bag home so that we could maybe make some loaves of bread or something.

This week we also got to watch the missionary devotional! There is a Devotional for all the missionaries around the world every week. We dont always have time to watch them, but I enjoy them when I do. This week it was for Elder and Sister Pace. They spoke about the importance of prayer and how to do it right. We need to keep it simple for those learning, whether new converts or young children. I also enjoyed her emphasis on kneeling to pray. It's not always necessary and sometimes not possible, but it is something good to include if we are able in the situation. If we want God to treat it as important, then we have to make the effort to show him that it's important. We may not always be able to watch the missionary devotionals, but they definately have been giving me some inspiration. The devotionals are new since COVID happened, I am glad we get to do it and I'll be sad when they won't let me watch it anymore and when missionaries around the world will not have it anymore.

Most of our days are spent on the computers because we are working on contacting all the reassigned records still. It's a slow process to go through them and contact them and see if they'll respond, but I know it's worth it and we're finding new people out of it. We also are focusing focusing on Preach My Gospel this transfer and how we can use it to better our missionary work.

Saturday was the interesting day. The morning went well, until we had District Council around noon. The district council was super great. We were learning about planning and teaching, but we were interrupted by a message from our mission President telling us that we had to get escorted home due to protests. So once again, we got sent back to our living places via security escort. Hopefully since elections are over we won't get any more protests for the remainder of my mission. We tried our best to stay diligent and get some extra studies and still contact people and have lessons. That's what the good of technology is for.

Sunday we had a snow fall again and now it is on the ground. I doubt it'll melt before we get another set of snow. It's getting colder and colder here, but we're still doing good and we even had a virtual tour with a beautiful family from Canada and we were so happy to be able to take them around and help them have a spiritual time and remember the importance of the Temple.

Today we had a hair appointment for Sister Denney. She is going to be getting a perm next week and she is so excited. I'm excited to see how it goes and how a perm is done because I don't even know. I also was able to sign up for my school classes with the help of my mother. I only have a handful weeks left, but I'm excited to do what I can here and I trust my parents to have everything prepared when I go home (no pressure). Our final to do today was baking delicious bread using the dry milk that we got at welfare square. Sister Denney is an amazing cook and I mostly watched her. Although, we can pretend that I we cooked it together, but it was mostly her and it was really good bread. We got to eat some of it and we also gave some to our neighbors. It was a fun filled, hard working week. That's all for this week. Hope you all have a good week.
Sister Christensen

Pictures: Breadmaking, Chicken I cooked. Snow. Preparing to walk home to escape the protest!


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